29 December 2008

Happy Merry!

Will be absent for about a month. Traveling with students. Packing some knitting.

Have a happy and safe New Year!

11 December 2008

Holiday thank you gift DONE

Holiday knitted gift #3 has been completed! This is a thank you gift for a colleague and friend who bailed me out one hot summer day when I had a shopping meltdown for a formal occasion.

Meanwhile, nothing like a little low-engagement clapotis knitting in a very pretty Manos Silky Wool to make one happy. Zipped this out in a week. A Week! Really. Finally set it out to block yesterday.

I changed nothing in my photo taking saving or posting, but for whatever reason, the last month's photos have been monster sized and won't conform nicely to the Blogger rules like previous ones have done (ie. large or medium). Therefore I give up and post the thumbnails. Click as needed.

Promptly packaged it up and sent it off via the delivery service of her kind spouse, also a colleague.

05 December 2008

Things need to be simpler.

I can't decide which picture I like. One exposure better reflects the actual colors.
However, on my computer that one seems really too dark. This next one was taken with a different exposure. Neither photo is brilliant.

Yarn is Dream in Color Classy.
Color is Black Parade.
Pattern is Morningside Neckwarmer (Jared Flood's pattern)
Made this neckwarmer for an assistant when I had a set of bus trips - 8 hours at a crack - along with a good start on another gift. (That one's for another post.)

So naturally, when my brain can just about handle knitting a tube at best, I get myself painted into a corner wherein I have to make THREE hats by noon tomorrow.

I'm sewing them, at least.


One more week and then the craziness I create will calm down.
I better go home. I have an a late night and a full morning of creative improvising ahead.

17 November 2008


One show running, one scarf wearable.

06 November 2008

Crazy, Busy, and Sneezy

Things are a little crazy, so I'm taking refuge in some garter stitch.

Knitting this Noro sock into a Baktus kerchief.

Meanwhile, to take a nice hint from Elizabeth, it's handy to have a photo or two in the can for a blog update during busy times. Whipped up this hat last month in about a day or two for a costumer's request.

I'm going to sneeze my way home. Thanks for the kind notes about the Wisp. I'm afraid I haven't been able to reply directly. Seems I don't have the blog set up to do that, and even if I did, I think my manners took a hike with Crazy, Busy, Sneezy, and the rest of the umpteen dwarves....

(ETA - since when have my photos been cropped like that in the posting? Honestly, the pictures show the whole hat! Something is different, either at photobucket or in Blogger. Oh well, not today's worry....)

27 October 2008

Creature of Habit

I like scarves to be around my neck. The Malabrigo laceweight (Indigo) used in this project is perfectly suited to this.
In the blocking of Wisp, I wondered if I was really likely to do multiple tricks with it.

I puzzled over ways to button and to wear, and the truth is, this is what I'll do. It's what I usually do.

(The buttons are not as rosy as this side view shoes. They have a good iridescent shell quality, blues, purples - well suited to the subtle tones in the yarn. Seems that justifying photos is also a matter of habit.)

18 October 2008


At a time when you want to say AAARRRGGGH, it's nice to receive a gift that let's you say AAAAAARRRRR, instead.

14 October 2008

Long time, no socks

Sock knitting returns:

Yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in Nantucket Red.
The color is less intense than pictured.
Figures, as the alternative picture was too washed out.

Discovered this Mystery Sock KAL at Ravelry. The pattern and knitalong are crafted and hosted by Through the Loops.

I'm on the cuffs. Not enough visual here to serve as a spoiler, though I'm happy to report I'm much further into the cuffs than pictured here.

13 October 2008

Veggies & Leftovers

Karius, a neckkerchief
a Norwegian blog viral knit
- One skein of Claudia Hand Paint in "Eat Your Veggies"
- Leftover blues & greens from the Pomatomus socks
- Leftover green from petticoat socks
- a little more blue from a sample hank from the CTH people
- size 4 needles
- started with 4 and built up to about 60 stitches and back down

I might just make another silly little neckkerchief. I rather like it.

01 October 2008

Cotton-Fleece-Instead-of-Hemp Market Bag

December gift done.
Cotton Fleece - Caribbean Sea, or some such color name
1.5 skeins
As prescribed.
Hemp Market Bag from Bag Style
Details, such as they are:
The gauge was naturally a bit larger than the yarn the pattern originally called for. Still kept on with the needle sizes and stitch count, as it is, after all, a bag. The body of the bag has fewer than the 20 esprit lace repeats, as I'd reached the measurement needed, and I didn't want it to be completely gargantuan.
Photo particulars:
Don't know why I decided I had to fold the bag in half lengthwise, but I did.

Might be birthday, might be holiday gift, but it is most certainly done.

30 September 2008


There's a nice breeze in my office today. I enjoy having the windows open for fresh, cool bits of air. It seems to buoy me up just as I feel swamped by a weighty, weighty day in a challenging week in an intense month.

Fittingly, for the season, on Friday I started knitting Wisp from Knitty in a periwinkle-evoking blue Malabrigo lace. It might even be for me. (If it isn't, I have another color of the same yarn, and that can be for me.)

Almost done with the market bag. Enjoying the neat and tidy look of the garter stitch strap.

Thinking today of friends who've received difficult health news and of friends who've come through long stretches of health challenges.

I hope they, too, can find some little breeze that lifts them up, comforts them, or brings them ease on difficult days.

20 September 2008

It's something.

I don't really have a whole lot of time for anything right now. I'm not enjoying that. Makes me feel like a lousy manager of my time, when the truth is really that there are just too many things I have to do. I am overloaded.

I went home last night "early" - which meant I left before 7:30. This gave me the chance to stop at a few stores - sympathy card store and wine & martini store, to be precise. Because the truth of the matter is, that I have to try to do a few things that make me feel human, regardless of the overload. I need to have sympathy cards on hand so I can get them sent OUT when the occasions arise, and sadly they do. (Nothing close to home in this story - families of colleagues.) I need to have a moment in a weekend when I can sit down and relax with a little glass of something, turn on some music, and do one little thing. Read, maybe. Or knit. Even though I really didn't get home until what would be pretty late to be considered "home early," I did still have a little glass and a little knitting.

I worked a little more on this Hemp Market Bag (the name of the pattern) in Cotton Fleece.

Tomorrow I will work a little bit on the finger bits of this first mitt.

Meanwhile, this was my break in a working Saturday. Had a morning meeting to sing through a musical. There's another production tonight. I have a few hours to get a few things done. Since I left ALL of my reading glasses at home, including the LEAVE THESE AT THE DESK pair I wore home the other day, I am going to go out in search of a pair of reading glasses before I develop a big headache.

This was one break. Walking to go glasses shopping will be another.

It's something, anyway.

16 September 2008



Somewhat inaccurate as a dinosaur, but that's because I just needed to finish and stop dawdling.

His spine is a little wonky.

Asymmetry is a fine thing in a dinosaur.

15 September 2008

Really, I do knit for myself, but it's not in this post.

Elizabeth, Marcy, and Batty - thanks for your kind words. I have to admit, I was thinking of Elizabeth as spokesperson for letting things go free when I was home coming up with this scheme to give away a sweater. It helped me steer clear of hanging onto something I just couldn't make good use of right now. (Bad sentence, but you get the drift, maybe?)

I finally FINALLY F I N A L L Y stitched up the Norberta I began working on - what, last October? I will take a photo tonight or tomorrow. (I've just chucked the camera into my bag to be sure it goes home. I don't know what took me so long.

Okay, maybe I do. I needed to pick up stuffing. I also needed to feel UP to putting the spine-spines on straight AND also up to easing them onto the back, as it seemed I had different measurements of pieces. And then I dawdled. Done dawdling.

I opted for black yarn eyes, no nostrils, no fangs. Well, and no wings, as this Norberta is no dragon. More Norbert the Somewhat Inaccurate Dinosaur.

Will be sending him off as soon as I can. He has a book companion for his travels.

Meanwhile, I can't figure out what I DO want to start making for myself. Working on the niece and nephew request knitting so I have them done in time for birthdays (October and December). Took a break from them and looked through patterns. Ended up tidying up the knitting pattern folders. Of course, I've been ignoring the sweaters in hibernation. Didn't feel like waking them up this weekend, so I kept on with the paper frenzy and cleaned out a huge basket full (ie. the "clear the desk by putting it in one place HERE" basket) of paper that needed filing, pitching, tidying, etc.

This will not sustain me as a substitute for knitting for myself. Maybe I just need more time to think.

Maybe I need to make some dishcloths.

11 September 2008

A Good Sweater Day

Today is lovely, sunny, and a little cool - a perfect sweater day. Good day to catch a picture of the finished Greenjeans, done in Malabrigo yarn - Velvet Grapes the colorway.

I realized this morning that I didn't want to keep this sweater tucked away for when I'd lose enough weight for a good fit. So I devised a plan. Had colleague try on the sweater for a photo. Knew it was a good color for her. Asked if she was allergic to wool. She admired the sweater. I noted that it was actually a decent fit for her. Put it on to demonstrate my fit problem. Asked her if she would like it.

I gave away the sweater. She was delighted. Really.
She already ran in a couple hours later to say she's wearing it already.

I'll knit the pattern again, though maybe not instantly.
And I'll size it better for who I am today.

I think that's a pretty good sweater day!

10 September 2008

I Could be the Cubs

Great season and then a few games that don't go so well, that's me.

My Greenjeans sweater is done. Picture soon. On a hanger. Or on the dress form.

Not on me.

Seems the blooming I got when I swatched didn't transfer as well into the cabled ribbing.

Seens I may have overestimated the amount of bloom in calculating the finished size.

Seems the 10 pounds I lost this summer aren't enough progress to make this sweater look really good.

Seems I need to think more carefully about how to make button holes behave. Of course, less girth around the middle will also keep that button hole from stretching out so much.

What are the lessons here?
Swatch and wash the cables, too.
Keep up with the healthy meals. I've just had a nice tomato & veg salad.
Take a walk this afternoon.

I'm not going to despair of failure in the knitting. It wasn't a win, but it's still a good looking sweater.

I hope to wear the sweater soon. I could still have a winning season. Go Cubs.

03 September 2008

A Proper Gift, Juno Regina!

This is a gift for a good friend. I'll have to call now and find a time to bring it up. I don't want to mail it!

Blocked out to 16 " wide - could have been wider at the largest cross section of the diamond ends, but I opted for straight.

Length blocked out to 72" or so long - I think it was about 60" unblocked.

I am truly pleased.

29 August 2008

A good week

What makes a week good for you?

In this good week, I got up pretty early every day so I could do one thing I WANTED to do for myself. You know, a little variation of the "put your oxygen mask on first before you assist others with theirs" bit of airline safety instruction. Two mornings I went walking. A couple mornings I permitted myself a little time for knitting with the early morning news & entertainment programming. And I've tackled a couple of those daily or weekly household tasks that it's NICE to do with some degree of regularity.

In this good week, I've eaten some pretty healthy things, and on a regular, planned basis! While this should be standard, right now it feels remarkable, as it has been a week of packing lunches, dinners, and/or breakfasts to go go GO. Today's lunch included a really fragrant white peach with blueberries and a dollop of really thick, plain yogurt. 23 more days to make it a habit, right?

In this good week's knitting, I finished off the Juno Regina. It's modified - a few repeats fewer, a little less wide (in pattern if not in actuality), the yarn is a little heavier (Ancient Threads TRI - a sock weight fingering). It's also a little shorter - about 63 inches unblocked. I didn't run out of yarn, also good. While I have enough left that I wished briefly I had knit the center span longer before I started the detail of the end pattern, I'm much better off than if I'd run out of yarn before I was done.

This weekend I will block it. It'll be the last time knitting will have little to no competition for the cutting table! Picture time will happen then, too, as the camera and the scarf are at different ends of my commute!

And finally, in this good week, I've been remarkably productive. I have managed to clean up my desk daily, so as to keep the chaos at bay. And I've really been able to keep up a modest degree of some balance in my week.

Looking forward to a GOOD weekend.

24 August 2008

Occupied Occupant

Classes begin soon, so blogging gets dumped in favor of knitting for the recreation time. I stopped in to do three things, so pictures, hastily:

Finished the Pomatomus sock. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in Green Mountain Madness that was waiting patiently in the sock yarn bin.

Lousy close up, but there it is.

Among the several outings of the summer, I spent some time in Colorado.
Loved the mass of hiking markers here.

Nearing the end of a slightly scaled down Juno Regina for a gift. This photo is from the start. I've just that much left to go, or nearly. The yarn is a very pretty handpaint done in natural dyes - logwood grey and indigo. This will be a gift for one of my hosts in Colorado.

And while I did shop for yarn this summer (and I hope not to have been too indulgent an influence on Ms. Poetangel at Stitches MW), I curbed my purchased caffeine expenses mightily this sumer. This lovely, fragrant, and very thrifty bottle of Tea Masala has made some very nice chai. It's helping me through this box of loose tea I'd been neglecting.

That's better.
I was starting to think it might look like I'd never again be an active blog resident.

14 August 2008

Not a complete spendthrift, it seems

It could be worth mentioning that I am not a Luddite. I may look like one, but blogging should certainly fly in the face of that notion.

This weekend my VCR gave up the ghost. Something fried, as not only did it fail to power up, but the cable/antenna boost it gave my aged television also disappeared. Perfect for fall, I thought. Some of the flexibility of summer permits a little too much casual and accidental vegging viewing. More time for NPR and listening to music.

This resolve was hastily dismissed on Monday night as I made my way home along a less traveled route and past a major shopping center. I was in Big Gadget Purchase Box Store and out with a VCR with DVD player and recorder, not within spitting distance of the budget plan which had me listening to the radio, before I knew where my planning genes had gone. Worth mentioning here that I have not ever had a DVD player and had long since removed Blockomoviester from my holiday card list the day they swept all their stores of VCR tapes and replaced everything with discs. Again worth mentioning that I do not fear changes in technology, I just don't care to ditch working equipment due to this aggressive sort of planned obsolescence.

The television I have is a wee bit old. I have been fortunate enough in my adult life to have only owned two very cast off televisions, both of which were gifts in which I was gracious enough to dismiss the pity/incredulity of the giver. (First - You don't HAVE? Then - You only have that little black and white thing?) This my second television only has little screw heads to which to attach your antenna/e or cable - two sets, VHF and UHF. Lovely little adapters help the coaxial cables talk to the television through the VHF route. And while the dearly departed VCR was new enough to come equipped with lovely little yellow and red, audio and video, right and left plugs, the VCR was flexible enough to still talk to the television through the coaxial cables while the rest went idle. I used the VCR to access the cable channels, and was delighted to learn that even replacement universal remotes that ignored the television worked nicely with the VCR.

Turns out that something else has changed in the planned obsolescence schemes, however. Newly purchased machine requires connections through BOTH the coaxial and the little yellow, red, audio, video, left and right plugs. I read through everything three times and then packed up the whole business. I returned everything to the Best Return Treatment Ever counter. That was the end of my impulse purchase moment, and I escaped unscathed.

I told them I'd come back when the television died.

Yes I do know about the February converter box issues.

I'm not going to act in haste this time. I'm thinking.

PS. I did remember to try sending the coax from the VHF straight to the wall - great VHF antenna boost. I think I trashed the old antenna, though, so UHF will have to muddle along without my attention.

28 July 2008

Fashion Circles

The 80's are returning with a vengeance. I'll step out of the fray of discussions on that subject, but I do have some evidence of fashion circles in my trunks and files. This 80's pattern from Elle Magazine (September 1985) led me to an early, wearable sweater. Please note that this is pattern #1. (I did make a couple of the other patterns from the back pages of that magazine.)

I was too impatient to make it as long in the body as recommended, and truth be told I was still learning about gauge. I wore the sweater a LOT. Very itchy, but I managed, and I wore it into the 90's, since it wasn't the full-on 80's tunic the pattern meant it to be.

The next fashion cycle is the one where it's now too small for me and too itchy for nieces who might be interested in fashion cycles. I think it may go enter the Reuse Cycle and turn into a fulled bag. It's been worn and washed enough that it could be an annoyance to frog, and frankly, I have enough on the to-knit list right now.

On another variant of the "everything old is new again" tune, I made a silly wrap skirt for summer wear. Perky, isn't it?

Had a very lovely time last week, if brief, joining Elizabeth of SABLE and a group of really fine women at The Other Knitting Camp. Elizabeth was an amazing organizer and facilitator - really an excellent host. Fine and funny conversations, interesting people, great food, and a perfect break -- these things never go out of fashion!

Oh, yes --there was open air knitting and spinning. Heads turned.

14 July 2008

Things change

Sent this off to my aunt and uncle. I enjoyed noting the difference between my grandmother's work and mine. I crochet quickly, and you can tell the tension suffers. Click through for bigger images.

Her work:

My work meets it, yarn thinned additionally by virtue of being a redone section.

I made up an edge, as the handwritten note said to repeat row two until yarn runs out. I thought a straighter line than the zig zag would be better.

Of course, the more things change, the more they stay the same.
I have guests this week, I'm off to finish tidying, I have a gift to finish for the weekend, and I don't know what I'll wear to that wedding this weekend.....

08 July 2008

To Do List Tidying

Great LONG weekend:
Finished up the afghan my grandmother had been making for my youngest aunt and her husband. (My mother had passed along the project for me to do after my grandmother passed away.)
Finished up a pair of socks.

Tended to several pieces of mending (buttons, pocket linings, split seams).
Finished up a skirt.
Got the landlord to organize fixing a bunch of minor plumbing concerns (done Thursday and Monday).
Took the car in for its emissions test.
Made a batch of chili from beans already cooked but hanging out in the freezer.
Made a vet appointment for Friday.
Cleaned things.
Had the first meeting for a costume project.

Oh, and I relaxed, recreated, socialized, and enjoyed some tasty treats.

More later. I have a productive morning ahead of me, but it's not at the computer.

02 July 2008

Summer is here!

I started this habit a few years ago. Rather than leave all the tallies to the change in calendar year, I decided a Summer to Summer Knitting Count was better suited for me. I like the fresh start of a summer, and I like to believe that I have a bit more personal time during the summer.

This year of knitting had a lot of smaller projects and a fair bit of gift knitting:

3 pairs of socks
* Petrified Wood socks
* Elfine
* Yarrow Ribbed Trekking sock

6 hats
* Foliage
* Le Slouch, 2
* Twisted Rib chemo cap
* other hats, 2

8 scarf and scarf-like objects
* Cowls , 2
* Easter Swatch
* striped 1 x 1 ribbed scarf, of the ubiquitous Noro variety, 2
* a ribbed scarf
* Spanish Dancer
* Tuscany with Pastimes soysilk
* Cozy
* Argosy Wrap

2 garments
* Alpaca Drops 103-1 cardigan
* Niece shrug

3 bags
* Everlasting Bagstopper
* messenger bags, 2

Other things
* Fetching mitts
* dishcloths, 6

I usually post this sooner, but hey - I've been having some of that not-to-be-dismissed personal time.

19 June 2008

Gone Fishing (so to speak)

I've limited my time at the computer this summer, and so my blogging (such as it ever is) is on a little hiatus.

I'm knitting, anyway: making progress on socks, nearly done with the body of a cardigan (Greenjeans).

Sewing, too - made a hasty wrap skirt out of some delightfully tacky and bright strangely-stiff single knit.

Reading. Walking. Tidying.

I have to work on conference registration, hotel and airline reservations for later this summer, and I'm supposed to leave town tomorrow for a week. No more blog today.

Back in July.

31 May 2008


Took Friday for myself. Focused on small things.

Made sure I was eating foods I picked up at the Farmer's market as well as pantry/freezer food on hand. Made lovely avgolemono soup for lunch. Prepared a nice salad for supper and a quick pasta sauce of young onions, cilantro, and some lemon zest from the soup making to go with some local cheese ravioli in the freezer.

Decided my day off needed to focus on some knitting in progress. Finished the cowl I'd started on Wednesday.

I've been itching to tackle some yet-to-decide projects, and the patterns have been out and about. Put away patterns that could stand to return to their file drawer and figured I'd focus on other knitting in progress. Attacked the Pomatomus only to find I didn't have that pattern with the knitting. Must have migrated to work. Got as far as I could. Will look for the pattern a few days before printing it up again.

Picked up the spring striped socks which had already been cast on. Made fair progress. Paused at this point to tackle the other, as I'd decided these socks might manage to match, and if I tackle the same stretch twice, I'll retain the progress & choices more easily.

I have commencement duties this weekend. Decided not to go to the farmer's market today as I would have little cooking opportunity this weekend. Besides, there's enough at home. I can focus.

This is the weekend I flip my summer-to-summer list of finished knitting. Really want to cast on for something sizeable, and I don't know if my weekend will have enough time to finish much else that's currently on the needles. Still, for now I'll just stick with the focus plan.

29 May 2008

Spring, if we squint

I made it to our first farmer's market day - a limited market, naturally. With a little Memorial Day domesticity, I found I had a nice little spring collection on my counter. The maple syrup is from Trader Joe's - the "lesser grade" deemed good for cooking is just the thing, I think. I rather like it as a standard table syrup. Reminds me of homemade: my uncle has a tradition of making his own maple syrup when the spring works for him. (He has quite the setup. I wish I lived near enough or were flexible with my schedule enough to go up and do the maple thing with him.)

At the farmer's market I picked up rhubarb and made a crumble straight away. This is now an ex crumble. It was particularly good. The 3 bunches of asparagus are now down to one. It's cool, today, and I think I'll be using up the rest in a small batch of asparagus avgolemono from the Moosewood Simple Suppers. I think that's the book in which I saw the recipe.

Spring cooking is a good break from reading mountains of papers.

So is startitis.

Dishcloths from yarn remnants.

Not sexy knitting, but I really needed breaks.

Yes, that many papers.

Elizabeth at Sable will soon despair of endless blog images of cowls, the next ubiquitous fingerless mitt. I promise to tackle something challenging soon.

This is Nova Seal's Birthday Cowl.

The yarn has more blue than I captured. I didn't permit myself time for better photography during my breaks from paper reading.

And on that note, with grades in, I go home to unplug for a day.
I hear it may rain - a perfect spring stay-in-and-knit day.
(Perhaps not a good day for more squinty photography.)

23 May 2008

I may have the key to a warmer spring -

-- as I have just finished the at-home shawl for better desk-sitting comfort. You know how this goes. It's bound to turn warm, too warm for sitting around with a shawl. I'll get one night of use all the same: I do believe it will still be pretty cool here tonight.

Pattern was from Knitty - Spanish Dancer. I inadvertently skipped the first row of knitting after picking up stitches from the provisional cast off. Turns out to have been a fine thing after all.

RAN OUT of the Schoeller & Stahl Hobby Kids yarn in the last stretch of the ruffle. This is not any sort of a problem for a project that was supposed to be a stash buster. 10 skeins, zip, done. Used a strand of leftover Lanett red and a strand of Baby Ull pink to finish the last row, and then I cast off with just the pink. Both of these were conveniently also in the stash, so I'm feeling fairly smug about some successful use of yarn that's been sitting at home.

Never did get a photo of the Dream Swatch done back in March. Here it is, although the photo is perhaps a little darker. Clouds kept coming and going this morning - witness the two tones of pink above.

20 May 2008

Life is never fair, and perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not.

I'm busy reading papers and exams.

In the spirit of these, I cheerfully cut and paste from the Internet, The Source of All Knowledge Inaccurately Quoted and Frequently Uncredited, a few quotes attributed to a notable playwright, poet, and wit.

The fact that several quotes appear in multiple versions either indicates that the man liked his material enough to use it often, or that we are soon to be subject to nothing but the vaguest degrees of accuracy in anything verbal.

To that end, I give you, without checking my sources:
Thoughts Suited For the End of a Term
- out of context -
Oscar Wilde.

Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.
I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself.
I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.
I am not young enough to know everything.
A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.
All that I desire to point out is the general principle that life imitates art far more than art imitates life.
Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.
Everybody who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching.
Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.
I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself.
I am not young enough to know everything.
I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.
I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.
I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.
It is always the unreadable that occurs.
The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

(Knitting progress shall resurface when I give myself permission to sneak knitting, photography, AND blogging into my breaks from reading papers.)

16 May 2008

Suburban Park Cowl

It was still a little cold.
I had a day off.
I wanted a quick knit.
I don't live in Dolores Park.