16 March 2008

Knitting. Really.

This is the start of the second sock in a proof-of-progress photo I took a while ago.

The other night I progressed to within an inch of starting the gusset. Using Wendyknits toe-up gusset pattern, sport weight, since this yarn is a medium weight STR.

This is the end of the sweater. The one button looks like it's hanging funny. Part of that's the bad angle. The other part is that I find after a day of wearing and a little wearer's viewpoint that I did actually misalign the middle button.

I'd get right on that, but I'm wearing the sweater again today.

I really am liking this sweater.

15 March 2008

Gone and Done

Gone but not forgotten forgetful.

I've barely been able to knit, much less have I been able to blog.
AFK. Gone.
SOL. Busy with life.

I have still been mindful of my self-imposed goals to move the knitting onward and to prevent knitting and yarn inertia. There is some progress.

1. Yesterday's business included tales straight out of No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Land, as I was held captive at a volunteer gig by means of misunderstanding, held captive through a three hour block of rehearsal (for which I was officially not needed) and more than an hour of rehearsal notes when I MIGHT have been elsewhere actually doing some sewing for this volunteer gig. They have no workspace, no evidence of a machine. Seriously couldn't even do any more handsewing, as the joint didn't even have basic black or white thread. 6 spools of red, they had, sure. I also cleaned out their sewing box. It's much tidier now. While captive, I managed to knit most of a foot of my second February sock. There's always some progress if you carry some knitting.

2. I'm finding my way through a few appropriate and specific connections for freeing up some yarn to better homes. Package 3 is now ready to go.

3. I finished up the Drops cardigan. Seams, ends, buttons, all done. Will wear it this evening. Even took a photograph.

So I am getting a few things done.

Meanwhile, I appear to you photo-less. There's one in the camera. I just can't think where I put the cable for the camera after I loaned it to someone for a project.

Forgetful with a dose of being mindful.

Done with more to do.

Gone but still here.