24 April 2009

Kicking up some serious dust

Absent chez blog, frenzied in the work house.....

Finished the last phase of a MAJOR work project this week. We're in production now. PHEW.

Dust can settle.
Done and dusted.
No biting of the dust, fortunately.

Now. Where'd I put the knitting?

09 April 2009


One of the yarns in the middle of yesterday's post is Lorna's Laces sock yarn in Blue Jeans. I'm back to having a pair of socks on the needles. These socks are for an aunt. (I know, I'm due for a project for myself, but while I'm thinking about that project, time for socks.)

I rather enjoy this simple 3-plus-1 rib pattern.

08 April 2009

Elizabeth Said Use Pictures

Elizabeth said she saves pictures for occasions where blog life needs a little poke. I've been too long away. Can't and shouldn't spare the time to blog much today. You can click them to make them bigger. I'm posting hastily.

However, I can admit that I'm thinking about yarn.

Handmaiden Sea Silk
Classic Elite Beatrice
Lorna's Laces Blue Jean
Habu Stainless Silk