24 August 2008

Occupied Occupant

Classes begin soon, so blogging gets dumped in favor of knitting for the recreation time. I stopped in to do three things, so pictures, hastily:

Finished the Pomatomus sock. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in Green Mountain Madness that was waiting patiently in the sock yarn bin.

Lousy close up, but there it is.

Among the several outings of the summer, I spent some time in Colorado.
Loved the mass of hiking markers here.

Nearing the end of a slightly scaled down Juno Regina for a gift. This photo is from the start. I've just that much left to go, or nearly. The yarn is a very pretty handpaint done in natural dyes - logwood grey and indigo. This will be a gift for one of my hosts in Colorado.

And while I did shop for yarn this summer (and I hope not to have been too indulgent an influence on Ms. Poetangel at Stitches MW), I curbed my purchased caffeine expenses mightily this sumer. This lovely, fragrant, and very thrifty bottle of Tea Masala has made some very nice chai. It's helping me through this box of loose tea I'd been neglecting.

That's better.
I was starting to think it might look like I'd never again be an active blog resident.


Elizabeth said...

Lots of lovely stuff!

We saw a lot of cairns (rock piles) on rock outcroppings along our trip across Canada, north of Lake Huron. I think bicyclists were using them, as we also saw a lot of bike touring traffic along that road.

Helen said...

hubby said "$100 on yarn??!?" so i passed it off as "$100 on the day" although $100 was yarn..and $30 for lunch and admission. and some yarn. heh.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

The cairns remind me of putting a stone on a gravestone to show emotion. I need some of that chai powder!! I'll have to keep an eye out for it. Whole foods maybe??