23 May 2008

I may have the key to a warmer spring -

-- as I have just finished the at-home shawl for better desk-sitting comfort. You know how this goes. It's bound to turn warm, too warm for sitting around with a shawl. I'll get one night of use all the same: I do believe it will still be pretty cool here tonight.

Pattern was from Knitty - Spanish Dancer. I inadvertently skipped the first row of knitting after picking up stitches from the provisional cast off. Turns out to have been a fine thing after all.

RAN OUT of the Schoeller & Stahl Hobby Kids yarn in the last stretch of the ruffle. This is not any sort of a problem for a project that was supposed to be a stash buster. 10 skeins, zip, done. Used a strand of leftover Lanett red and a strand of Baby Ull pink to finish the last row, and then I cast off with just the pink. Both of these were conveniently also in the stash, so I'm feeling fairly smug about some successful use of yarn that's been sitting at home.

Never did get a photo of the Dream Swatch done back in March. Here it is, although the photo is perhaps a little darker. Clouds kept coming and going this morning - witness the two tones of pink above.

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Elizabeth said...

Definitely shawlable weather up here in WI. The kind of weather when you feel bad running the heat, but a little too cold without it.

Lovely shawl and a perfect solution to the yarn shortage. It looks like it was designed that way, rather than making do.