25 January 2013

Paper Trail, Happy Trails

I am at the paper-sifting portion of my packing. There are the receipts I need, the programs I'll want, the fliers I may not need, the evidence of lovely knitterly moments of stopping in a couple of shops.

Once again, the new yarn is tucked into te suitcase, there are too many books, and the recycling pile needs to grow, but I need a break.

Dublin has been lovely, despite the spareness of sunshine. As an extra treat outside the agendas, I was able to sit and knit with a group who knit regularly at the Brooks Hotel in Dublin. They were kind and gracious, and it was clear they are as patient with drop in knitters as they are caring of their regular, steady community. Lovely evening! Made me long for more Mondays in Oak Park, remembered gatherings at Arcadia, past summer evenings knitting in Logan Square, and knitting alongside summer s'mores in Wisconsin. Good reminder to stop more often, wherever I am, for a bit of a sociable craft night!

22 January 2013

Who Packs a Hat?

Not this one. I packed knitting. I would like to wear my silly hat yet while traveling. Of course, I was working diligently on socks. This is a break from the socks which are nearing heel number two.

Meanwhile: Dublin! Just outside This is Knit, having cake and coffee at the Pepper Pot just outside it. Looks outdoors but is in a glass roofed courtyard.

I am tired, so the storytelling urge is feeble. Being here and having time to have cake and cappuccino and knit and post so? Not feeble at all.

This is grand, far as I see it. Of course, I packed yarn rather than a hat. Consider the source.