15 April 2008

What was I thinking?

I thought the yarn was red, in the packaging, in the late evening, in the shop.

In the light of day, this yarn is clearly pink.

I have a sock in progress and two other socks cast on ready to knit.

Clearly, I have the startitis.

I had barely a moment to catch a photo.

Clearly a call for the photographer's little helper.

However you look at it, one thing is clear:

Resistance Is Futile.

14 April 2008

Creeping Startitis

I've been infected.

Spitting Yarn pondered giving the credit or blame to the season.

I stayed up late (and I got home LATE) casting on 401 provisional stitches for a shawl snuggle to wear at home. Naturally I had to do a couple rows.

And there are two pairs of socks underway. And I wanted to start something else, but maybe this is enough.

I'm always happy when really skilled knitters like Elizabeth include garter in their inventories of ongoing projects. Validation, you know. Because yarn knows I don't always give myself enough credit to know that I know my own knitting mind and really DO want garter stitch or stockinette for soothing knitting, little projects for travel, projects to think about and projects to puzzle out....

10 April 2008

P.S. I'm a dork

Thought about adding that last night:
P.S. I am just a big dork.
Big old donkey girl scout.
(a phrase that is not my own but I remember hearing it and identifying...)

And the news anchor phrase is right: that's the way it is.

P.S. Also dork worthy:
I've been staying up too, too late so that I can get more day in my day. For example, P.S. - the Pomatomus Sock.

This is my third Cookie A pattern. Enjoying.
Wonder if there's a book on the horizon.

09 April 2008

A Thank You Note

I don't have enough time to catch up on all the reading, but, oh, my, Magknits.

My heart goes out to the designers and site developers of Knitty and Magknits and Ravelry -- and to the independent bloggers who post their patterns at home. And here I've been sloppy, and just when exactly was the last time I said thank you! So.

I'm always a little amazed by those who put their patterns forward in the first place.

I'm duly impressed by the time it takes to put together the texts and the photos and sizes and what have you, errata or no -- just as my friends and family who don't knit are occasionally impressed by what I knit at all (or that I knit as much as I manage to do).

I'm in awe of those who capably wrestle with computer publishing and forum building and deft digital photography. I am happy bumbling along with my modest computer use. (See how I blog so as to pretend I'm computer savvy?)

I'm astounded by the knit designers who've deftly and generously made gifts of their patterns in new surroundings or in wonderful variations.

I have nothing but sympathy for and empathy with those who don't have access to their original digital information. I'm not going to think about what I've lost on occasion - and what can get lost on our many computers.

I'm fully in support of those who will move their patterns into other formats, forums, or media and will have a new opportunity to be reimbursed for a fragment of their time and efforts.

Whatever degree of business and income and love and business-building is part of these processes, I've had at the ready some WONDERFUL creativity to access, to change, to make my own, and to bring into my life.

I'm not going to mourn the things that go missing. Paper can age. Tastes can change. Art can be ephemeral.

I'll just be thankful.

I want to be the kind of person that sends everyone a thank you note every time I think it ought to be done. As it is, I don't take all the action I should, and I'm woefully behind. Perhaps this will be serve as one thank you note, done.

Not the worst thing

These are my February challenge socks. I finished them in April. It's chilly enough to wear them.

It could be worse. We didn't have 25 inches of snow in one snowfall.
(I'll shut up now. It might snow this weekend.)

02 April 2008

Still ticking

Life is very busy. I'm regretting my plan to get regular amounts of sleep. I'm still not getting things done, and I still got zapped by some kind of crazy thing yesterday. (Lost a whole day to bedroom and bathroom, nothing beyond.)

I can afford myself very little time to knit, but I'm trying to take it when I can. Almost ALMOST finished with the Petrified Wood socks. Started a Pomatomus for my 15 minutes of knitting in the morning and evening. Also cast on some plain jane ribbed socks to replace the Petrified socks in my to-go knitting bag as soon as that last sock is finished.

Zipped up a dream swatch one Saturday for the next day's little bit of Easter flair.

I thought I had a picture of it in the camera, but I guess not. Seems all I captured were these bits of very vintage yarn.

I keep considering a nice dye project for them. That, too will have to keep.

I may be still ticking, but so's the clock. I can't stay to play today.