02 July 2008

Summer is here!

I started this habit a few years ago. Rather than leave all the tallies to the change in calendar year, I decided a Summer to Summer Knitting Count was better suited for me. I like the fresh start of a summer, and I like to believe that I have a bit more personal time during the summer.

This year of knitting had a lot of smaller projects and a fair bit of gift knitting:

3 pairs of socks
* Petrified Wood socks
* Elfine
* Yarrow Ribbed Trekking sock

6 hats
* Foliage
* Le Slouch, 2
* Twisted Rib chemo cap
* other hats, 2

8 scarf and scarf-like objects
* Cowls , 2
* Easter Swatch
* striped 1 x 1 ribbed scarf, of the ubiquitous Noro variety, 2
* a ribbed scarf
* Spanish Dancer
* Tuscany with Pastimes soysilk
* Cozy
* Argosy Wrap

2 garments
* Alpaca Drops 103-1 cardigan
* Niece shrug

3 bags
* Everlasting Bagstopper
* messenger bags, 2

Other things
* Fetching mitts
* dishcloths, 6

I usually post this sooner, but hey - I've been having some of that not-to-be-dismissed personal time.


Batty said...

It has been a productive knitting year for you! You have a good variety of projects in there, a bit of everything. Great way to not get bored.

Marcy said...

Good lord! You've been busy!