08 July 2008

To Do List Tidying

Great LONG weekend:
Finished up the afghan my grandmother had been making for my youngest aunt and her husband. (My mother had passed along the project for me to do after my grandmother passed away.)
Finished up a pair of socks.

Tended to several pieces of mending (buttons, pocket linings, split seams).
Finished up a skirt.
Got the landlord to organize fixing a bunch of minor plumbing concerns (done Thursday and Monday).
Took the car in for its emissions test.
Made a batch of chili from beans already cooked but hanging out in the freezer.
Made a vet appointment for Friday.
Cleaned things.
Had the first meeting for a costume project.

Oh, and I relaxed, recreated, socialized, and enjoyed some tasty treats.

More later. I have a productive morning ahead of me, but it's not at the computer.

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