10 September 2008

I Could be the Cubs

Great season and then a few games that don't go so well, that's me.

My Greenjeans sweater is done. Picture soon. On a hanger. Or on the dress form.

Not on me.

Seems the blooming I got when I swatched didn't transfer as well into the cabled ribbing.

Seens I may have overestimated the amount of bloom in calculating the finished size.

Seems the 10 pounds I lost this summer aren't enough progress to make this sweater look really good.

Seems I need to think more carefully about how to make button holes behave. Of course, less girth around the middle will also keep that button hole from stretching out so much.

What are the lessons here?
Swatch and wash the cables, too.
Keep up with the healthy meals. I've just had a nice tomato & veg salad.
Take a walk this afternoon.

I'm not going to despair of failure in the knitting. It wasn't a win, but it's still a good looking sweater.

I hope to wear the sweater soon. I could still have a winning season. Go Cubs.

1 comment:

Marcy said...

I honestly wouldn't have thought that cables would bloom differently that st st. Interesting. Your lesson is one for me too!