27 October 2009

Koi-nomah; or, Babbling about an Orange Scarf

Goofy name, but the name of the pattern (Multnomah) was a story that wasn't mine....

...and the yarn (Alchemy Bamboo, YES on clearance sale) colorway was named Kai's Goldfish ....

...and I kept wanting to call it Koi, not Kai, since, you know, well, goldfish and all...

...and you know, since I am clearly on a feather and fan knitting jag, this yarn looked appropriately very fish scaley in that pattern....

...so I give you Koi-nomah, but really, I just think of it as Julia's orange scarf...

because Julia hurt her foot, Julia likes orange, and I just thought she ought to have it.

23 October 2009

Camera Stops on a Grey Day

Thank you for the kind comments about the Buenos Aires sweater.

I think it will be okay. I think it will be wearable. I worried my mother may have thought it a bit short, but she was pleased the jacket sleeves aren't too big and baggy - she'd seen some of my early work, wherein I despaired of that very thing.

The afternoon was too far gone when I tried these pictures. Turned lights on and off, changed exposure on the camera, light quality, etc.

The first pictures are closest in color. Some of the rest look like I've had a bad day photoshopping. Seriously, though. Only added and subtracted camera bits and wall switches. Bah.

Yarn: Manos del Uraguay in Starry Night and in Coffee. The pattern, Buenos Aires, is from a Manos pattern booklet.

Size large, the cropped variation. Used most of seven skeins in Starry Night and into the third on the coffee.

15 October 2009

F. O.

I'm working on a project that lands a lot of F bombs.

Thought I'd use the other one.

Finished Object, or at least a Photo finish.

Details tomorrow.

11 October 2009

Two Starts and a Finish

Gift neckkerchief in Alchemy Bamboo (sale) in Koi, a perfect name match. Don't know if the pattern used will be Mara or Multnomah, but I've started with Multnomah:

Diagonal Rib Sock from IWK Favorite Socks book in CTH Supersock Solid:

Finished: Checkerboard Lace scarf (pattern from Purl Soho) in Farmhouse Yarns Bonnie's Bamboo; color is Indigo