25 August 2009

This is not what is meant by "costume parade".

As a break from knitting scarves, I knit a hasty shawl for a costume project.

It's not much to speak of: durable acrylic donated to the shop, most of one super saver skein on US13 needles, with basic recipe prompts from the Fan and Feather Triangle Shawl pattern in Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls. Really kind of a shawlette, this project of a long weekend is only a nod to the fanciness and fine knitting in Ms. Oberle's original.

I don't know that I'll ask the cat for an opinion, but I'm sure it will pass muster as a costume.

06 August 2009

Isn't she done with scarves yet?


This is the last scarf. Found I did take a picture that looked like the yarn on the Old Shale Soxie Scarf.

This is the next gift scarf. Started it between dining moments at knitting camp.
Bonnie's Bamboo from Farmhouse Yarns. Purl Soho's Checkerboard Lace scarf pattern.

This is the most recently finished gift scarf.
Misti Alpaca Pima Silk handpaint.

Mason-Dixon gals posted a lacey rib scarf recipe of four rows. I'll link when I can get back to the blog, although it is Raveled.

Nope. Not done. Packing little lacy quicky scarf knitting for my week of travel. Including the bamboo above, that's one, two, three more.