21 February 2011

This is where ultimatums lead.

Sure, I'm done counting. BIG TALK.
Never slap down ultimatums, I say.

I did have one more thing to toss into my list. I have a great birthday tradition.

On many of my recent birthdays I've been able to see a really good play. It's usually a really dark play. Uncle Vanya. A really dark Little Eyolf - seen in London, even. This pleases me.

This year I was even treated to the play.
I went to Steppenwolf to see Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Chris Jones says this. Sometimes I think he's too fussy, but he gets to be. It's his job. It's still a treat for me. Even if it is part of my job.

I liked the play even more than Mr. Jones did. I heard Amy Morton's Martha and Tracy Lett's George say things I'd forgotten and find notes I'd never heard before, and I love the play.

Okay. 18. I fibbed. and 19. LOVELY dinner with great people before the play.

What's a line in the sand worth if you don't sometimes push it?


Done. Done with counting things for celebrating.
Other blogs will have the clever cutesy. Here, not so much.
Done gets to mean not torturing myself for being behind with made up deadlines.

Done with Navy Diagonal Socks. Done dawdling.
This was hard. Started them for my aunt who passed away at the end of that same autumn. Resumed a couple times to make them for my younger aunt, who'd also requested navy. Made a sizing error. More dawdling. Done now. NOT BLOCKING.
Mailing later this week, though. Not waiting until birthday or Christmas.
Done gets to mean gone.

Done means end of this day's/week's/month's blog update, even if it HAS been a month.

Because I'm not done with the blog.
I wasn't trendy to begin with.....