29 April 2010

27 April 2010

Grinning and Bearing, not grinning and baring

Thanks for the patience and the boost yesterday. Truly had at least a bit of intention to find some laugh in the morning, but it probably looked more like I was baring my teeth, growling like the bear I was pretty close to becoming.

Truth is days don't come apart just because ends come loose. People came together to get things done, I survived a student really melting down and turning somewhat feral. I got smacked down at a meeting and took it with grace, because it wasn't really about me. And when I missed the last train last night I was in such an improved spot that I decided I could roll with it. I got some things done in my office, have lovely clean spots in some of the tackier zones in there, and went home with the birds and the dawn's early train.

I'm happy to report that I made a proper omelette for my homecoming, seeing as I never quite have that time in most mornings. Washed a half week's worth of dishes, and tried to squeeze in a catnap. There's the silly that not enough sleep sets up. Woke up and knew I'd be late for my grade school gig. I volunteer but I really had this schedule worked out to avoid this kind of disappointment. Scurried to the train, called from the platform, and was advised to go home and sleep. Since the rest of the day won't permit it, I took the train the other way to work. Watch the silly turn smart.

I am still not expected at work, but I have completed the dicier part of any commute. I strolled into the nearby yarn shop for a needle replacement. Size was odd. So that will wait another errand, but I picked up a skein of yarn to taste when I'm done with the sock knitting. Stopped into posh sandwich shop and am having lunch At A Table. Definitely enjoying the escape. And so, So SO glad I got a grip yesterday.

After all, none of this is the stuff of drama. It's a lot easier to ease back in when you grin and bear it.


....do I lose points for sappiness and dorkery if I point out that just as I finished typing, Michael Buble started singing "No People Like Show People," right at the smile part....?

26 April 2010

This Day Needs Frogging

Honestly. In the space of less than two hours ...

I have three usual transit options. They come in rapid fire succession compared to the times they get me to me destination. Still, it's usually a nice set of backup plans- miss the early one that gets me there plenty early, and I still have two more options that get me there later but still on time. Guess who missed what.

Mind you, I left pulled together, breakfasted, coffee from home, a host of props I was supposed to cart in today.

I've spilled coffee while standing at a park bench, checking to see how empty the cup was since I now had time to warrant a coffee shop refill and a little outlet mooching. Need I mention white socks, tan pants? Windblown, carrying enough stuff to outfit a thriftshop window.... I tried to play remote office in an effort to regroup and have found twenty-eleven things that are today's problems.

I passed a shop window, and instead of seeing a woman who could manage to look like A Professional, the woman looking back at mesas the Wreck of the Hesperus.

If you see a whacko with a picnic basket today, it's me. Don't poke the crazy.

21 April 2010

Turns out I could post on the train.

Except that I can't post pictures.

Progress on the sock. Pics on Rav. Have taken to taking them on the phone while on the el - at times when there's not a crowd, of course.

I am more than half done with the second leg.

I can see the heel from here.

Someone on the train or the bus will see it soon enough.