20 June 2018

Simple Yet Effective

There is knitting.

There are visits to friends.

There are host gifts.

Simple Yet Effective Cowl, in Socks That Rock, is done in less than two weeks, a shocker for my knitting habits of late.

Jabberwocky is the colorway.

Okay, so I used the pattern for stitch count and the cast-on/bind-off rows of reverse stockinette. Chose the longer, wrap twice around the neck version. I overran the actual stockinette part of the pattern: details in Ravelry.

I am not linking to anything today. Seek and you might find.

13 December 2017

What Was I Thinking?

Too small.  Off to the frog pond.

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11 December 2017

Yarn Problems

I lost another hat.

If only I had a way to solve that.

12 August 2017

The August I Finished a December Gift

This may never happen again. I have actually started in July and finished in August the first of a December gift list.

I had made two of these for my younger aunt earlier this year for her home dec celebration of grandchildren. A wee one joined the family this August. I am ahead of the game. Witness sock number 3.

I surely hope I can maintain a bit of the momentum.

22 March 2017

Not Fancy, Merely Finished

Seriously have been knitting (and crocheting) the less than fancy, not particularly challenging pathways lately. Still, some things are done.

To be fair - still pleased. This is a decent amount of progress, some old stash moved out, and all of it gifts moving out.

After all, Towering Textiles did MOVE this year, residentially speaking. I carried all the yarn myself. It was a zen thing. I needed to own the responsibility, and I didn't want to purge the stash. I was clearing out a lot of everything else, including about one third of the fabric. (Note - the fabric bins in the photo are not the ones in my home.). Nope, I said, I am looking forward to using it.

Use is use. My life needs calm, and calmer crafting right now is the simple stuff. Garter stitch, little gifts.

And yes, I did make a new garter stitch dishcloth first thing when I moved. Did I say that already? Not fancy - but just fine with me.