03 July 2016

Summer Activities

Quilting, cleaning, veggie CSA, catching up on old projects, whomping out new projects - these are part of my summer so far.

This picnic blanket is a wedding gift (due for a wedding this evening). I meant to be prudent and use what I have at home. Happens I needed the ants, and I wanted to match the laminated fabric (already at home) tote bag I made for the gift. Most of the top fabric was purchased the way things go - the chickadee went with the bag, as did the green and the bold multi picked up other colors in the bag. The polka dots were a nice foil - this is the path that leads to towering shelves of stash.

Fortunately for stash utilization, both turquoise pieces were on hand, leftovers from the graduation quilt explosion of the past couple years. That rounded out the front and covered the backing. Similarly, I had an excess of purple binding prepped from one of the graduation quilts - 6" or so more than I needed. Serendipity.

I am about to head out for the morning. Will also be tackling one of those other summer projects: donations! I have a large bag of felt to drop off for an arts studio youth class. This afternoon I will stitch the last stretch - it is pinned and ready to go. Started cutting out squares last Saturday, so that's a pretty good week!

04 June 2016

Finish Lines

Finished is another Auntie gift, started last summer. . . Or was it the summer prior? Should have been done two summers ago, as that was the summer of all the high school graduations. I am pretty sure that it was nowhere near to finished if I did work on it the prior summer. Pretty sure last summer got it to the basted stage.

Who cares? Done now. Hasty machine quilting, less hasty binding, and it is done.

On to the next finish line - a series of finish lines, all within the year of "it's okay to deliver wedding gifts within the year of the wedding."

October and March: I see you and will get these done by August, finished ahead of the finish line.

31 May 2016

Slow Going, So Done

(Tried to post this on 17 February 2016.)

This gift has been a slow race to the finish.  All the placemats are now shipped and received.  Phew.

I missed when the rules changed.

It's no wonder the blog is so quiet.  Rare enough that I email a post - seems they weren't landing correctly.  (I only caught on to this in February, when I started this post.)

19 December 2015

Santa's Workshop

Seriously will get this second batch done.

16 December 2015

About That Swap, Helen

Seriously, this yarn is going to be used up.

I bought a bunch of this Patons for something like a dollar at a ridiculous close out - probably a big box moment where other merchandise needed the in-store real estate. It then sat, because it was a sale for which there was no actual need. I could make things from it, but I had no real interest in doing so. One summer it was duly and dutifully removed to swap at knitting camp. Helen, a thrifty and practical person, saw some potential in this large quantity of yarn. Terrific.

I don't have Helen's story, but I would guess that the bargain again outweighed the need to knit. Helen publically shared her recent successes with decluttering. And voila, the yarn turned up at knitting camp this summer for an encore. or a reprise. Or a reprieve. (Musical theatre or punitive metaphor, hard to choose....)

At the last gasp, or a few gasps before it, I put the yarn in my bag. Swapped and reswapped as it was, I had a couple ideas that might serve to use it up. First round, within that very week, was a day of crafting with my cousin's little girls. Yarn that changed colors - though not quite as magically as that description suggested - was wound round lots of sticks from the yard. I left the remainders of two skeins at their house for further craft play.

I have been making Fuzzy Feet for a slow gift for a friend and her family. Another skein left the swap bag officially this week.

I have two of these left. I am making monsters. Two strands will eat it up, but I will be interested to see how much - and how many monsters.