17 December 2010

Done is good

This got done.

Exams are done.

I'm wearing this without buttons. Done enough.

15 December 2010


Need a copy of Interweave Knits Fall 2010?

I find I've purchased two.

In the spirit of the previous post, one needs to go.

27 November 2010

A Sure-Fire Antidote to the Shopping Impulse

Help someone move and downsize. That will keep you out of the stores.

A few years ago we were grateful recipients of donations of sewing supplies from a community member who was downsizing. Recently she moved into an assisted living center. She's given us scads of things again.

I had a phone call for help today as her support team members worked to empty out the last loads which were moved into a garage. Since I didn't leave home AT ALL yesterday, I was glad I was up and showered and could head out.

So. I will tell you no tales. Our donor was not extreme. She just had a lot of stuff because, over the years, she DID a lot of stuff.

Still, it makes me ready to head back home to do some work with my stuff.

One day of knitting away from finishing the soft black wrap. That's yarn from the stash. I have gloves to get cracking on for my nephew. Have a sale skein of some solid sock yarn wound up. Did I mention that once I was done with some big projects I might knit again? Started this one for portable and easily repetitive knitting, an inexpensive gift for a recent grad.

Startitis, of a sort. Stashitis. Not shopping. I think I might be in the mood for holding Santa's Workshop again. Still, it will be on my terms. This holiday season I'm not shopping much and I'm not traveling much. I need my impulses to focus at home.

Time for some stuff-reduction.

22 November 2010



What Yarn? Sale is Good.
Off My Giftlist.
Just Knitting.

Don't ask. I'm tired. Had to stay up way too late on Saturday, and Sunday and Monday are too, too full. Fortunately, I scored some knitting time during those full weekend days and will again tonight. If I can't go home, at least I can knit.

This yarn is Pemaquid - it's soy and alpaca and merino. Very soft. Will probably pill like mad. Colorway is Starry Night; despite the greyness of the photo, it's a nice soft black.

But it is yarn I tried to put into a sweater. That failed. I would like to use this yarn before it becomes a permanent stash resident. It was a pretty good sale.

It's not on my gift list. It's for me. I'm just knitting something to toss on when my office gets cold, like it does right now. Or to be one of those great big puffy swallow your head trendy eternity scarf things. Or to button. A Quickie Lacy Ribby Buttony Wrap Thingy.

It's just knitting. It's a repeatable stitch pattern - from f.pea's quickie cowl. The needles are size US 11.

Just knitting.

20 November 2010

Good Golly, Miss Gaenor

Thanks again to Ms. Picnicknits for her lovely and generous offer of a pattern for a Knittyboard KAL. I sort of fell off the face of the knitting planet for a bit there.

Yarn is a cotton and silk blend from Great Adirondacks Yarn Co. - Nassau - in a colorway called Cappuccino. Used most of one skein, just a bit left. This was merciful, as I worked past the middle and ripped it back twice, as it was clear I'd be running out of yarn. Third time was the charm. Used size US7 needles. Pattern is Gaenor.

Finished this tonight. Two ends woven in. Photos taken and loaded up.

PS. New male figure mannequin. Very exciting upgrade.

17 November 2010

Reaching for Ends

I went to California this summer for a conference. As is my new habit, I try to take a little time for some vacation time for myself. One day I journeyed out to Santa Monica.

People I don't know, the only photographable landscape moment, with a bonus lamppost.

I have pictures of lamposts in a variety of locations. I don't know the end purpose of those, but there will be one. Eventually.

Went in to see the art museum another day. Had a lovely little meal at one of the trendy little foodie trucks which parked that day at the art museum.

In addition to the lovely mini burger with local goat cheese and other tasties, I particularly enjoyed that their dining counters were repurposed ironing boards.

It was on the bus back, at the end of my outing, that I noticed something as I was knitting. Naturally when you are knitting...,

...you notice other textiles. I saw a young woman wearing, as a shawl, what was absolutely without any doubt a lovely piece of lace that had its first life as a bureau scarf. A table runner.

Decided I HAD to photograph but decided to be coy in the way of some knitters, and pretend I'm photographing my knitting.

The sock was a helpful tool in my photographic pretense.I had to try to catch the lace trim on the petticoats and the longer lace trimmed pantelets.

It's good to know a household dainty does not have to end its life because household decor tastes change. Here's another shot wherein I simply hide behind the young man who took up the set in front of me. There are proper terms for this "was-trendy-in-Japan" fashion style which blends Victoriana and baby doll into a style for young women. The name escapes me, but the extended life of lace objects I applaud.

In other news, I have almost reached the end of my part of the tenure and promotion application process.
I wrote the 25 page portfolio.
I assembled the binder chock full of support evidence.
I met with the tenure board.
I have one more closing meeting with the Academic Dean.
Other steps will occur without needing my attention or input, so the rest will be out of my hands. I'll have to wait for the end. One way or another, there's an end to that mountain of work and stress.

Where one thing ends, another begins. Tonight, I will have sociable dinner with friends, and I will go home and knit. I might reach the end of the Gaenor shawlette I began in summer. I'd like to see that project reach a successful end, too.

04 November 2010


I finished my homework yesterday. Work portfolio.

Big stuff, Maynard.


I slept for 12 hours last night. Too many almost-allnighters lately.

I now get to do all the two hundred and eleventy-five things I've pushed to the back burner.

What a relief. Tackled a bunch of things today with gusto, I was so relieved to be doing anything BUT what I'd been doing.

I may now get to knit. I made the hair appointment.

I may even stop writing inane un-posts. (Who's kidding whom?)

Seriously. I may even have a glass of wine this weekend. AND KNIT KNIT KNIT!

Cryptic note to Julia: New email? Old? Guess I ought to try it out. Lovely article in the late spring newspaper, though I only just read it now. Thinking of you both in Idaho!

26 October 2010

Promises, Promises

I'm swamped. I'm not knitting.

I promise myself to be able to knit in November.

I'm not rescheduling my haircut, the one I had to cancel, until November. I should make the new appointment, I suppose, so as to give myself the promise of a haircut.

I'm that swamped.

I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I promise.

No drama. Except for the theatre parts.

04 October 2010

Meanwhile this summer

Second sock. Bus in Los Angeles.

I took a series of photos which require story telling. Another day.

After all, the world might implode if I get three postings in on one day.

Spring is neither February nor July

Thanks for the kind words about the scarf glimpse I posted the other day.

I am a bit over tired.

Turns out I didn't knit this in the spring at all, as I guessed in making my last post.

Turns out I did actually finish knitting in the winter, and the blocking happened in the summer, with shipping just into fall.

No spring about it.

The yarn is Ancient Threads Tri - dyed with natural dyes, which in this case is a logwood purple. Mostly soft brown, taupe colors, hinting toward purple.

The pattern is Luscious Lace Scarf. While available on Ravelry, I thought it might be appropriate to direct you to the pattern creator's blog.

Please disregard the green tint across the photos. Or better yet, witness the magic of color theory as displayed by phone photos and shadows on a rainy day. At least, I think it was cloudy.

Who knows. I also thought it was spring.

01 October 2010

Last Spring's Knitting

(Interesting greenish band. Must have been something about the phone camera and the shadow of the windowsill.... The original does not have the greenish swath.)

15 September 2010

Wanted: Elves for third shift

Following the shoemaker's successful recommendation, will knit hats and other smart knitwear in exchange for help.


Meanwhile, no knitting for the last two and a half weeks. Blech.

Taking Elizabeth's sage comment about walking lifestyle to heart, though. Have been walking most mornings.

Something, anyway. But boy oh boy could I use some elves. Or a good doppelgänger.

25 August 2010

Driving by


Been knitting.

Been walking. Been taking trains and buses and airplanes.

Been doing some cooking of healthy things.

Been losing weight slowly.

Been going to museums and libraries.

Been doing family things, like nephew visits with auntie jpknits and cousin wedding-related events.

Been to the doctor, so will be continuing to walk and to cook healthy foods.

So that would be enough for a drive-by blog post.

Bought a car yesterday. A new car.
Feel a little guilty but not remorseful (as in buyer's remorse).
So I won't be taking the trains home late tonight. I'll be driving.

Going for a walk now, so I keep that in my day and keep up the progress on the measures-for-better-health front.

16 July 2010

Way, way, way behind on my summer to summer tally

I post late, but the count is valid. Memorial Day to Memorial Day, pics linked as available:

Hats, 9 of them
Socks, one pair
Mittens, 2 pair
Neckwarmers, one and an ambiguous scarf/neckwarmer
Two shawls, if small
Scarves, 6 of them for gifts

And of course:
Dishcloths, 2

Kept one hat and the scarf/neckwarmer, as the yarn was a gift.
All the rest were gifts and, as such, moved on.
This is not bad.
In fact, this being the case, I'd almost wish the list were longer.

10 July 2010

Gone fishing. Walking. Camping.

Two months? Really? I guess I really have been focusing.

The first month was just survival: head down, move forward. The second month included work on two massive projects for work, trying to maintain healthy schedules, getting in some family time, cleaning - and a whole lot more sleep, more walking, and even some actual cooking at home. This was part of the plan.

I liked June. July promises to be more of the same. I can deal with that.

Going to knitting camp, the alternate, plain old camping knitting camp.
I thought I'd make marshmallows for s'mores, but it may be too hot and humid for that.

Plan B, then. I'm not going to fret. That's not on my July plan.

06 May 2010

Done and Done!

This was a good time to be knitting only one thing.

It was good to focus on the sock made to specs, a sock without a particular pattern. I learned I needed to write things down.

I've learned I can take photos on the phone on the train and post them - though not yet directly to the blog. That'll be next.

I'm sure I learned other things, but for right now I'll just be done.

04 May 2010

Threes aren't always charming

Honestly I will have knit three socks in the end.

Twice round on the heel flap. Got to the turning and realized I'd done a slip knit slip across the flap, whereas the first was knit slip knit. Heel turning didn't look the same. I knew it was subtle and I knew it was under the heel. Still I ripped back.

Got through the second gusset and realized it was short. The heel flap was short, I'd picked up fewer stitches. It was more prononced than the aforementioned sins of the heel. Ripped back.

Almost done with the gusset. I hope to see my way cleanly through to the end. The intended wearer has a smaller foot than I, so that should go quickly. And I have already done the third major do and redo, way back at the multiple starts on the first sock.

My, but it's a good thing I am trying to focus on just one thing. I'd have a lot more trouble if I were juggling multiple knitting at the moment.


29 April 2010

27 April 2010

Grinning and Bearing, not grinning and baring

Thanks for the patience and the boost yesterday. Truly had at least a bit of intention to find some laugh in the morning, but it probably looked more like I was baring my teeth, growling like the bear I was pretty close to becoming.

Truth is days don't come apart just because ends come loose. People came together to get things done, I survived a student really melting down and turning somewhat feral. I got smacked down at a meeting and took it with grace, because it wasn't really about me. And when I missed the last train last night I was in such an improved spot that I decided I could roll with it. I got some things done in my office, have lovely clean spots in some of the tackier zones in there, and went home with the birds and the dawn's early train.

I'm happy to report that I made a proper omelette for my homecoming, seeing as I never quite have that time in most mornings. Washed a half week's worth of dishes, and tried to squeeze in a catnap. There's the silly that not enough sleep sets up. Woke up and knew I'd be late for my grade school gig. I volunteer but I really had this schedule worked out to avoid this kind of disappointment. Scurried to the train, called from the platform, and was advised to go home and sleep. Since the rest of the day won't permit it, I took the train the other way to work. Watch the silly turn smart.

I am still not expected at work, but I have completed the dicier part of any commute. I strolled into the nearby yarn shop for a needle replacement. Size was odd. So that will wait another errand, but I picked up a skein of yarn to taste when I'm done with the sock knitting. Stopped into posh sandwich shop and am having lunch At A Table. Definitely enjoying the escape. And so, So SO glad I got a grip yesterday.

After all, none of this is the stuff of drama. It's a lot easier to ease back in when you grin and bear it.


....do I lose points for sappiness and dorkery if I point out that just as I finished typing, Michael Buble started singing "No People Like Show People," right at the smile part....?

26 April 2010

This Day Needs Frogging

Honestly. In the space of less than two hours ...

I have three usual transit options. They come in rapid fire succession compared to the times they get me to me destination. Still, it's usually a nice set of backup plans- miss the early one that gets me there plenty early, and I still have two more options that get me there later but still on time. Guess who missed what.

Mind you, I left pulled together, breakfasted, coffee from home, a host of props I was supposed to cart in today.

I've spilled coffee while standing at a park bench, checking to see how empty the cup was since I now had time to warrant a coffee shop refill and a little outlet mooching. Need I mention white socks, tan pants? Windblown, carrying enough stuff to outfit a thriftshop window.... I tried to play remote office in an effort to regroup and have found twenty-eleven things that are today's problems.

I passed a shop window, and instead of seeing a woman who could manage to look like A Professional, the woman looking back at mesas the Wreck of the Hesperus.

If you see a whacko with a picnic basket today, it's me. Don't poke the crazy.

21 April 2010

Turns out I could post on the train.

Except that I can't post pictures.

Progress on the sock. Pics on Rav. Have taken to taking them on the phone while on the el - at times when there's not a crowd, of course.

I am more than half done with the second leg.

I can see the heel from here.

Someone on the train or the bus will see it soon enough.

05 March 2010

Pictures aren't everything.

Here's the complex look of a SWATCH in a very busy colorway.

Here's the point where I describe the picture that wasn't taken of the cuff I frogged:

Pink column next to a mustard column next to a navy column....

You get the picture.

I stayed up late obsessing. Frogged, switched needles, and am now getting a spiral stripe.

Picture of me tired, and too stupid to have gone to bed when I've had a cold this week? Not worth the bandwidth on which it would be posted.

26 February 2010

Happy to be Wrong

Finished dimensions 8" X 68"
One skein Interlacements Tiny Toes
Needles US 11
Pattern: One Row Lace Scarf

19 February 2010

If It Looks Like A Duck

It looked too small. It knit really fast. I no sooner took this poor picture than I'd finished.

It is too small.
Short scarf. Too short.

You know the moral: If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, well .. it's clearly a duck wearing a really short scarf.

Man, did I want that off my to-do list. I'm not sure it will do.

But hey, it's knitting.

15 February 2010


This has been a snowy winter season, no question.
I've been absent here for a bit, but I've been taking care.
Took note of a rarity: the neglect of an asparagus fern yielded some fruit.

There have been a few more, interestingly enough.

Took care to focus on some simple things over the holiday season.

There was loss this winter - in my community at work and in my family. January involved a lot of work with my cousin as she packed up her mother's place. Also worked with my colleague's friends as they packed up her belongings. We helped dispatch a bunch of stuff (library donations and other things) in one day. It's been interesting for me to note how my family's processes have been very healing, sad to observe that the circle of close friends who mourn the loss of my colleague were still in a very raw state. Very difficult.

As for me, I've been trying to deal with some things simply. Just trying to get things done, things put away. I have added things from my aunt's home into mine, so I'm trying to move OUT some things at the same time. My work zone has been the recipient of a lot of donation.

Very little knitting. A neck warmer not worth a photo session, some mittens,

a gift that's in stealth mode still, and a no-thinking scarf underway.

Today there's more snow in the forecast. But it's just a little.
It's winter, and it will pass.