21 December 2007

5 Things to Do

1. I would like to bake something, as that used to be something I did of a holiday.
2. I would like to get the oil changed in the car, as driving will be so much safer.
3. I would like to do some laundry, as packing will be so much easier.
4. I would like to get some sewing done, as it makes holiday giving a little homier.
5. I would like to knit. Knit needs no reason.
I'll be off doing something good while I'm absent here for awhile.
There's bound to be some knitting.
Have pleasant days.
Be safe.
Find something in which to find a moment of delight.
Take a moment for something which brings you peace.

18 December 2007

Small Confessions

I am sick of grading.
I must take breaks to be more fair-minded.
I have a crazy case of startitis lurking in the wings.
I started nibbling dark M&M's, and now I realize that I've nibbled past lunch.
I finished Tuscany yesterday.

Back to the grind.

Place holder

I'd taken these progress photos during my brief stint of daily blog posting. At the time, I actually had a statement to make. Some of it still holds.

I need to learn how to do the short row heel more effectively. I'm inconsistent with picking up the double wraps. I also wind up with a hole I end up stitching up.

Today is not the day. Yesterday I took a break from grading and finished this sock. The photos and post will just have to serve as place holders.

Back to the stack.

14 December 2007

I might finish the Tuscany

I might finish that shawl within the week. It's getting close enough to the end of the yarn that I'm obsessing. I can see the end.

Had to put it away, though.

Must. Read. Papers. Grade.

I might finish grading. This is, sadly, harder to envision.
Truth is, it's an actual deadline, so I might as well get back to it.

I might already be a loser.


Next week: knitting and baking and holiday activities interspersed with what passes for reasonably-sized amounts of work!

I might actually have content for posting!

12 December 2007

I shrug at the shrug

I zipped out a shrug for my niece. Big talk earlier: I did tentative swatching but finally and only started yesterday morning. I'm off to ship it now for the choir concert deadline. Zoiks.

I'm unimpressed with it. I had a hard time getting in and out of it myself. Unforgiving cotton.

I'll have to up the ante with its replacement. She'll have to look at patterns.
This was quick.

No picture. Camera was at home. No time now. Fedex at the airport closes in a few hours, so I'd like to get there and BE home before it closes.

Besides, I'm just not that interested in it. Insert shrug here.

09 December 2007

Nothing BUT show - OR - Nothing TO show

Yes, that half month of daily posting was all well and good. Clearly the maxims about needing to do something for 30 days to establish a habit could be inserted here. That string of posting and good intention was clearly loose talk. Nothing but show.

Meanwhile, I've been impossibly busy. Despite that, I've knit a bit. Finished the Fetching. (Progress picture posted earlier, so I won't repeat it.)AND - true to form - I've given them away instead of keeping them for myself. Call it a gift well suited to the recipient. Call it a great impulse. Call it better stash management. Forgot to take a picture, though. Nothing much to show.

Since this afternoon was meant to include two things and one ran over the time allotted, I'll go home now having only attended one of the two events. I'll take myself home then, do some work at my desk and work on some knitting for my niece. I have a shrug to churn out.