27 October 2008

Creature of Habit

I like scarves to be around my neck. The Malabrigo laceweight (Indigo) used in this project is perfectly suited to this.
In the blocking of Wisp, I wondered if I was really likely to do multiple tricks with it.

I puzzled over ways to button and to wear, and the truth is, this is what I'll do. It's what I usually do.

(The buttons are not as rosy as this side view shoes. They have a good iridescent shell quality, blues, purples - well suited to the subtle tones in the yarn. Seems that justifying photos is also a matter of habit.)


fujiyamamama said...

Ooooh! It's lovely!

adrienne said...

Oh, that's so pretty and cozy looking!

Elizabeth said...

Very nice!

Batty said...

It's beautiful!

Marcy said...

It's lovely! Let's see it on you!