10 May 2007

Signs of Life

Feeling a little frayed?
Have been days when you've had very little left to give?

Overwhelmed by that whole heap of the mundane that lies at your feet?

Me too. What a spring.
Still, there are signs of life. I've even started to tackle this poor thing. It, too, seems on the exhausted edge. More on that in another post.

Meanwhile, there has been a little bit of knitting. I started these in the fall, and they were decidedly back-burnered.
I did a bit of this knitting in the half dark, half tired. I don't half care that there are some misplaced purls in the how-simple-can-it-be 3-to-1 rib. I laddered down to the ones I found when they were within range. This is TOO far down. I officially stopped caring. They're just for wearing when it's cold.

And lookee! Lorna's is decidedly fraternal!

01 May 2007

Blogging Against Disablism

It so happens that I was working my way through shelves of plays and stacks of play collections today. I have to take home a mighty pile of reading today. One of the volumes going home with me is the newly released Beyond Victims and Villains: Contemporary Plays by Disabled Playwrights.

And it just so happens that there was a very thoughtful essay by Charles Mee in that very volume. Oh my. Didn't remember that there was a Charles Mee play in the book. I saw one of his plays this year, Hotel Casseopeia. Stunning. I had some students read some Mee plays more than once. But still.

I'll take Things I Didn't Know about Charles Mee for $100, Alex.

I read the essay aloud to the friend who was with me in the going through the shelves of plays project.

And think of it. He's published this same essay online. I'll share the link so you might read it, too.