27 March 2013

Look! Spring!

The hat has to be completely dry so I can mail it.

But look! Done!

PS. Thanks, Fujiyamamama, for the encouragement. I fixed that dropped stitch in the hat. Seems I only dropped half of it.... but it surely was the active half!

14 March 2013

Sprung in Hopes of Spring

Not bad for a five-winters old sock!

I wore out the soles of both heels at once.

The color has really been going.

I am ready to toss them.

10 March 2013

Done. Oops. Not Done.

I was done with the hat.
I washed it, to test my theory that a wash would add more slouch.
It was good I washed it.
Yes, it relaxed.

Yes, that safety pin is holding a brioche stitch that I seemed to have dropped. I managed to knit something else above it to keep the pattern up.

Washing an unknown dropped stitch caused a tittle laddering. Whee.

I have to figure out how to fix it without undoing the whole hat. I am too sick this weekend to figure it out.

Stash Happens

Looking for yarn for a gift, I stumbled - if you can call looking at the highest box on the back corner of the upper shelf a stumble - upon these skeins of Bernat. They were a good sale, appropriate for the gift they were going to make at the time. Time passed. Oops.

This is how it goes. Stash happens. And I'm pretty thankful for it, what with this having been a lousy weekend, full of temperatures and coughing and tea and only enough concentration to work in a big square of knitting.