27 July 2009

Old Shale Soxie Scarf

Another graduation scarf:


Yarn: Soxie from Great Adirondack in Nantucket
Needles: 8
Pattern stitch - Anna Bell's Old Shale Baby Blanket
42 stitches - a couple garter along the sides
Knit until there was not much yarn left.

15 July 2009

Dark, shiny yarn

Can't decide which photo captures the yarn better, as neither captures the whole quite well. One catches the highlights, thanks to the shiny quality of the silk. The other catches the dark, saturated tones in the yarn.

Either way, this was fancypants yarn - Handmaiden Silk Rumple.
It's a gift. The pattern was the recipe for the Bias Shawl distributed by the Handmaiden folk. I made it a little skinnier - 41 stitches.

Pretty. Just the right colors for the recipient.

14 July 2009

Check lists

Annual knitting tally done? CHECK!

Long absence from blog? Yep!

Road trip to see friends & family? Three thousand miles of done!

A week of vacation time with nephew? CHECK!

Successful week with said 13 year old? PHEW! and CHECK!

Read, one frivolous summer novel? Harrypotter#4becauseIamthatbehindCHECK!

Work on old WIP? CHECKcheckcheckcheckCHECK!
(Pictures on that as soon as I've stitched up the seams and found buttons.)

Old picture in the can? Found picture of long-ago finished socks?

Yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Nantucket Red.
Pattern is Kristen Kapur's October Mystery sock.
I finished them in December, for the record, but I misplaced that memory card.