24 January 2007


Did I post these? What pattern? IK's Rib & Cable Mitts. What yarn? Mountain Colors Bearfoot - Juniper, maybe. What for? Gift. Given. Happy campers, both.
What's this? A mess. Oh the knitting? Looks messy, too, doesn't it. I'm having quick fun. The baby loop is from Be Sweet. The yarn barf is actually lovely soft handdyed "artsy" handspun picked up at Knit One in Chicago. I saw something at Nina's in Chicago that helped me figure out what artsy fartsy thing I was going to do with it. Hence the Be Sweet.

I have to go. What? Did you think I had a lot of time to talk?

16 January 2007

Knitting in the Middle

Greetings from the Middle. It's the middle of January. My odometer rolls over this month and am feeling very much mid-life-ish. Hard to believe either is here already - isn't that how things go, though?

More later. There's been knitting. I'm either running out of the primary yarn for the Eclipse sweater or it'll be near. I'll know shortly. Two sleeves and a front and a back ALL on the needles. I'm within a day or two of joining and starting the yoke. I'm looking forward to that. Part of the anticipation is that I'm hoping to NOT run out of the body yarn UNTIL I'm in the yoke. There any change in tone in the primary yarn will be completely hidden.

Yes, the search for a hopeful color match may be on the horizon. That's never a fun thing. Haven't bothered to figure out a knitting plan for the year. I'm always impressed and interested in reading other's knitting goals. I'm just looking forward to knitting some more. I'm in the middle of a couple things that would be good to finish while we're still in the middle of winter.

It's the middle. Happy Middles!