26 August 2007

As for updating blog templates... AIYEEE!

Last week I had every intention of tidying up the blog by switching to the updated templates. This widget thing has me perplexed, though. I could set up the lists, sure, but I when it came to the links for rings, the photos for those, and the like, I became stumped. I reverted to the previous template.

I may need a tutor. Maybe in September. It would be nice to access the updated template features for easier strolling through past issues. Not that this blog is a fount of tutorial knowledge or anything.... I just didn't want to be a bad Ring Citizen and update without including the Ring links.

When it was Not Hot

I did regroup on the Monkey Sock. Curiously, or not so curiously to the knitter more savvy than I, a change up in needle brought me to exactly the same color pooling trends in the previous iteration of this sock.

Happily I report that the Monkey, she is done.

Knitting when it was Hot

Typical of knitting when it's hot:

I actually had a birthday gift request for these. Truthfully, the request was for another style, of which I shall post another day. These were for knitting when it was hot, so these were the "to-tide-you-over" gift until the requested style is complete. Happy to report the recipient was pleased.

10 August 2007

Hospitality & Kindness

It has been my great good fortune to have been on the receiving end of some notable hospitality & kindness.

I've been traveling a good bit over the past month. I'm finding I've a long list of notes I need to send to a wide range of people. Before I unplug myself today, I thought I'd post a couple words about some hospitality of a knitterly nature.

I've been to a couple yarn stores, as is my wont. I had a nice break in my travels at Fine Points in Cleveland, OH. In addition to my general pleasure at the creative possibilities that seemed to burst from the cubbies, the staff were just really, really nice. And I thank them for their kindness in letting me use their restroom. Not all stores do this, and as a traveler who shops, I was grateful.

I went with a colleague to a yarn shop in New Orleans, Garden District Needlework & Yarns, as a break from the rigors of the events I was attending there. The shop was delightful and spacious and had LOADS of inspirational yarn to consider.

AND. Through the course of some conversation, I was invited to a local church. Can you imagine the degree of hospitality? I was floored. My hosts took me on a tour of parts of the New Orleans. It was important to get out into the city, beyond the zone of major hotels. There is still so much, much rebuilding to be done post-Katrina.

Finally, a change in my schedule meant I was able to try to catch trillian42 from knittyboard to see if she were free for a fairly spontaneous yarn shop visit in DC. She introduced me to Stitches DC and the very gracious proprietor. Found some lovely local yarn and shared good hearted conversation and laughter and baby-ogling. Pam led the way to Banana Cafe for a fine heat-wave beverage and bit of lunch. Pam told me of the great kindness she's seen in the contributions to Hats for Alex. She's collecting the second wave of hats. It seemed fitting to end our conversation remarking on the kindnesses of so many people.

I need to go home to send some notes of thanks to friends and family whose hospitality and kindness don't appear in this post. And I have some projects to do, to keep the kindness moving along!

02 August 2007

Behold, the Fulled Bags

We had some fun grade school science, we did, in the process of shrinking up the knit messenger bags.

I took "before shots," but I need to crop out little faces. Don't feel I have permission to place other people's children's photos on the internet without parental sayso.

Took MORE time to get the striped bag down close to scale, even though both were nearly the same prior to washing. Different wool. I understand the striped bag took an extra trip to the laundromat the day after the photo was taken.

A Belated Addendum to CASP 3

Having posted my thanks promptly to Kathy for her fun wintry CASP 3 packages, I promptly FORGOT to take photos.

Having finally taken photos, well, you guessed it. I offer a belated addendum to my hearty thanks.

The patterns are in the notebook, the lollys hit the candy jar and went the way of all things sweet, and the office supplies are being put to good use. I think the winter body butter was already in the drawer at work for dry hand emergencies, as it escaped the photo call.

Oh, and the dishcloth she made with her very own genteel and generous hands is in the drawer of dishcloths and towels, ready for real use. This gift also prompted me to give up my standard garterstitch dish cloth for an alternate summer dishcloth. (Witness the previous post...)

Thanks again, Kathy!