29 August 2008

A good week

What makes a week good for you?

In this good week, I got up pretty early every day so I could do one thing I WANTED to do for myself. You know, a little variation of the "put your oxygen mask on first before you assist others with theirs" bit of airline safety instruction. Two mornings I went walking. A couple mornings I permitted myself a little time for knitting with the early morning news & entertainment programming. And I've tackled a couple of those daily or weekly household tasks that it's NICE to do with some degree of regularity.

In this good week, I've eaten some pretty healthy things, and on a regular, planned basis! While this should be standard, right now it feels remarkable, as it has been a week of packing lunches, dinners, and/or breakfasts to go go GO. Today's lunch included a really fragrant white peach with blueberries and a dollop of really thick, plain yogurt. 23 more days to make it a habit, right?

In this good week's knitting, I finished off the Juno Regina. It's modified - a few repeats fewer, a little less wide (in pattern if not in actuality), the yarn is a little heavier (Ancient Threads TRI - a sock weight fingering). It's also a little shorter - about 63 inches unblocked. I didn't run out of yarn, also good. While I have enough left that I wished briefly I had knit the center span longer before I started the detail of the end pattern, I'm much better off than if I'd run out of yarn before I was done.

This weekend I will block it. It'll be the last time knitting will have little to no competition for the cutting table! Picture time will happen then, too, as the camera and the scarf are at different ends of my commute!

And finally, in this good week, I've been remarkably productive. I have managed to clean up my desk daily, so as to keep the chaos at bay. And I've really been able to keep up a modest degree of some balance in my week.

Looking forward to a GOOD weekend.


Batty said...

That really sounds like a good week! I can't wait to see pictures of the finished Juno Regina... and now, I'm going to get some cherries. Your mention of peaches made me crave cherries, for some reason.

Elizabeth said...

I'm hoping my "good week" will start when the kids go back to school on Tuesday and Wednesday.

But, I did make hummus yesterday, which felt virtuous. I've been getting a few small things done.

And I'm thinking of scrubbing the very-scary toilet this afternoon. Big virtue points there!