27 October 2008

Creature of Habit

I like scarves to be around my neck. The Malabrigo laceweight (Indigo) used in this project is perfectly suited to this.
In the blocking of Wisp, I wondered if I was really likely to do multiple tricks with it.

I puzzled over ways to button and to wear, and the truth is, this is what I'll do. It's what I usually do.

(The buttons are not as rosy as this side view shoes. They have a good iridescent shell quality, blues, purples - well suited to the subtle tones in the yarn. Seems that justifying photos is also a matter of habit.)

18 October 2008


At a time when you want to say AAARRRGGGH, it's nice to receive a gift that let's you say AAAAAARRRRR, instead.

14 October 2008

Long time, no socks

Sock knitting returns:

Yarn is Cherry Tree Hill in Nantucket Red.
The color is less intense than pictured.
Figures, as the alternative picture was too washed out.

Discovered this Mystery Sock KAL at Ravelry. The pattern and knitalong are crafted and hosted by Through the Loops.

I'm on the cuffs. Not enough visual here to serve as a spoiler, though I'm happy to report I'm much further into the cuffs than pictured here.

13 October 2008

Veggies & Leftovers

Karius, a neckkerchief
a Norwegian blog viral knit
- One skein of Claudia Hand Paint in "Eat Your Veggies"
- Leftover blues & greens from the Pomatomus socks
- Leftover green from petticoat socks
- a little more blue from a sample hank from the CTH people
- size 4 needles
- started with 4 and built up to about 60 stitches and back down

I might just make another silly little neckkerchief. I rather like it.

01 October 2008

Cotton-Fleece-Instead-of-Hemp Market Bag

December gift done.
Cotton Fleece - Caribbean Sea, or some such color name
1.5 skeins
As prescribed.
Hemp Market Bag from Bag Style
Details, such as they are:
The gauge was naturally a bit larger than the yarn the pattern originally called for. Still kept on with the needle sizes and stitch count, as it is, after all, a bag. The body of the bag has fewer than the 20 esprit lace repeats, as I'd reached the measurement needed, and I didn't want it to be completely gargantuan.
Photo particulars:
Don't know why I decided I had to fold the bag in half lengthwise, but I did.

Might be birthday, might be holiday gift, but it is most certainly done.