28 July 2008

Fashion Circles

The 80's are returning with a vengeance. I'll step out of the fray of discussions on that subject, but I do have some evidence of fashion circles in my trunks and files. This 80's pattern from Elle Magazine (September 1985) led me to an early, wearable sweater. Please note that this is pattern #1. (I did make a couple of the other patterns from the back pages of that magazine.)

I was too impatient to make it as long in the body as recommended, and truth be told I was still learning about gauge. I wore the sweater a LOT. Very itchy, but I managed, and I wore it into the 90's, since it wasn't the full-on 80's tunic the pattern meant it to be.

The next fashion cycle is the one where it's now too small for me and too itchy for nieces who might be interested in fashion cycles. I think it may go enter the Reuse Cycle and turn into a fulled bag. It's been worn and washed enough that it could be an annoyance to frog, and frankly, I have enough on the to-knit list right now.

On another variant of the "everything old is new again" tune, I made a silly wrap skirt for summer wear. Perky, isn't it?

Had a very lovely time last week, if brief, joining Elizabeth of SABLE and a group of really fine women at The Other Knitting Camp. Elizabeth was an amazing organizer and facilitator - really an excellent host. Fine and funny conversations, interesting people, great food, and a perfect break -- these things never go out of fashion!

Oh, yes --there was open air knitting and spinning. Heads turned.

14 July 2008

Things change

Sent this off to my aunt and uncle. I enjoyed noting the difference between my grandmother's work and mine. I crochet quickly, and you can tell the tension suffers. Click through for bigger images.

Her work:

My work meets it, yarn thinned additionally by virtue of being a redone section.

I made up an edge, as the handwritten note said to repeat row two until yarn runs out. I thought a straighter line than the zig zag would be better.

Of course, the more things change, the more they stay the same.
I have guests this week, I'm off to finish tidying, I have a gift to finish for the weekend, and I don't know what I'll wear to that wedding this weekend.....

08 July 2008

To Do List Tidying

Great LONG weekend:
Finished up the afghan my grandmother had been making for my youngest aunt and her husband. (My mother had passed along the project for me to do after my grandmother passed away.)
Finished up a pair of socks.

Tended to several pieces of mending (buttons, pocket linings, split seams).
Finished up a skirt.
Got the landlord to organize fixing a bunch of minor plumbing concerns (done Thursday and Monday).
Took the car in for its emissions test.
Made a batch of chili from beans already cooked but hanging out in the freezer.
Made a vet appointment for Friday.
Cleaned things.
Had the first meeting for a costume project.

Oh, and I relaxed, recreated, socialized, and enjoyed some tasty treats.

More later. I have a productive morning ahead of me, but it's not at the computer.

02 July 2008

Summer is here!

I started this habit a few years ago. Rather than leave all the tallies to the change in calendar year, I decided a Summer to Summer Knitting Count was better suited for me. I like the fresh start of a summer, and I like to believe that I have a bit more personal time during the summer.

This year of knitting had a lot of smaller projects and a fair bit of gift knitting:

3 pairs of socks
* Petrified Wood socks
* Elfine
* Yarrow Ribbed Trekking sock

6 hats
* Foliage
* Le Slouch, 2
* Twisted Rib chemo cap
* other hats, 2

8 scarf and scarf-like objects
* Cowls , 2
* Easter Swatch
* striped 1 x 1 ribbed scarf, of the ubiquitous Noro variety, 2
* a ribbed scarf
* Spanish Dancer
* Tuscany with Pastimes soysilk
* Cozy
* Argosy Wrap

2 garments
* Alpaca Drops 103-1 cardigan
* Niece shrug

3 bags
* Everlasting Bagstopper
* messenger bags, 2

Other things
* Fetching mitts
* dishcloths, 6

I usually post this sooner, but hey - I've been having some of that not-to-be-dismissed personal time.