29 November 2011

Finger Puppets

A friend of mine makes adorable little finger puppets and sells them on Etsy. She makes custom orders as well.


Sh! She doesn't know I posted this.

28 November 2011

Rhinos in Process

Among the projects that have kept me busy lately:

These were still in progress, at the time of this impromptu photo romp.

Wire hangers of varying sizes and configurations for the armature.

You can tell they're not done yet, because horn application is in varied states. We made two-horned rhinos. Nine of them.

T-shirt yarn - some overdyed from chain mail knitting some years ago. Some of varying grey and kindred tones from additional cannibalized shirts. When done, we did some fabric overpainting. And we added eyes.

Guess whose tshirt drawer was thinned out a little extra? Win and win.

13 November 2011

Textile Play, scene 2

Sunday night
Fabric paint
Lno block carving
Paint scumbling

Some success
A lot of rustic printing

Geeky Costume Details

12 November 2011

Plata, Plato, Playdough.

I keep wanting to call this colorway Plato. I had a parakeet named Plato. I thought the name was playdough, because I knew more about that lovely colored substance than I did the philosopher.

The yarn here is Malabrigo Gruesa in the colorway Plata - for the metal, not the philosopher.

A 65 yard quick hat, this one was. Only three inches remained!

11 November 2011

Textile Play: Experiments

Cork circles, on the right

Plastic "cedar" fronds

A foam rubber flower die cut, eventually with bits ripped off and out

Cork faced with haphazard netting of crochet cotton (held on the sides with pins, it looks very disturbing)

Urban Rustic

Called for a brick wall, somehow....

10 November 2011

Losing Track, Staying on Course

I have more hand printing play underway. I'm tackling some embroidery for costume. Costumes are on schedule for several projects. Knitting a quick hat. Working on other knits.


I just timed out my efforts into a 12 hour lockdown.

At least the important stuff is on course.

I'm just losing track of the passwords.

04 November 2011

Knitting for Plays

I am a dork. Let it be said.

I'm now knitting another costume piece.

Urban Rustic gloves (pattern from Knitty)

from some very old stash wool

The pair will serve as another costume piece for an upcoming play. Actors are being asked to talk with us about what their characters would wear. We couldn't find gloves that were crude enough for one character without being fingerless. "I'm a survivor," she said. "I'd have the tips of my fingers covered."

FAST knit. Knitting up on 11's, and truthfully would be a lousy pair of gloves for serious warmth. Too loose for real winter. Still, they're a look that seems to work well for the occasion.

The costume shawls of previous posts - both in the same production. And one of the actors decided her character activity is knitting. Because of that, she picked the beige costume shawl made a couple years ago out of the shawl bin samples I pulled for her. As her knitting prop she is currently using a project she started a long time ago. Have to go stash diving quickly for a suitable knitting prop for her, as her current project is pretty pristine.

I am a dork. I am so amused.

I hope to be done tomorrow. What will amuse me then?

03 November 2011


I have given myself permission to play a tiny bit this fall.
Here's one piece - I am taking part in a handpainted fabric swap, sponsored by Leslie Keating of onegirl - now Maze & Vale .

Last week I found a lovely piece of plain linen & cotton yardage in the remnants section of Vogue Fabrics. It could serve for the fat quarters, but I'm feeling indecisive. This past weekend I picked up some 100% cotton canvas yardage. (If I don't use it for this project, it's targeted for some cloth bags.) Will be going through some other on-hand yardage, as well, and have started the prewashing of the fabric I just picked up.

This decision-making sea of choices is part of play. I invited a friend over yesterday to meet me in the shop to play with some fabric paint printing. Tried our hand at using a variety of found objects. Decided that was the focus of the sampling activity for the evening.

It was good to play and think about what I might best do for this project.