15 September 2008

Really, I do knit for myself, but it's not in this post.

Elizabeth, Marcy, and Batty - thanks for your kind words. I have to admit, I was thinking of Elizabeth as spokesperson for letting things go free when I was home coming up with this scheme to give away a sweater. It helped me steer clear of hanging onto something I just couldn't make good use of right now. (Bad sentence, but you get the drift, maybe?)

I finally FINALLY F I N A L L Y stitched up the Norberta I began working on - what, last October? I will take a photo tonight or tomorrow. (I've just chucked the camera into my bag to be sure it goes home. I don't know what took me so long.

Okay, maybe I do. I needed to pick up stuffing. I also needed to feel UP to putting the spine-spines on straight AND also up to easing them onto the back, as it seemed I had different measurements of pieces. And then I dawdled. Done dawdling.

I opted for black yarn eyes, no nostrils, no fangs. Well, and no wings, as this Norberta is no dragon. More Norbert the Somewhat Inaccurate Dinosaur.

Will be sending him off as soon as I can. He has a book companion for his travels.

Meanwhile, I can't figure out what I DO want to start making for myself. Working on the niece and nephew request knitting so I have them done in time for birthdays (October and December). Took a break from them and looked through patterns. Ended up tidying up the knitting pattern folders. Of course, I've been ignoring the sweaters in hibernation. Didn't feel like waking them up this weekend, so I kept on with the paper frenzy and cleaned out a huge basket full (ie. the "clear the desk by putting it in one place HERE" basket) of paper that needed filing, pitching, tidying, etc.

This will not sustain me as a substitute for knitting for myself. Maybe I just need more time to think.

Maybe I need to make some dishcloths.

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Batty said...

You know, dishcloths are a great idea. They are like cleansing your palate. They can be as complicated as you want or as simple as you want. And when you're done, you'll be ready for the next big project -- this time, something for yourself.