05 June 2009

Summer to Summer Knitting Count, June 2009

Summer to Summer Knitting Count

Four pairs of socks
* Aunt Blue Socks
* Mystery Socks
* Spring Striped Socks
* Pomatomus

Two afghans
* One baby blanket
* Grandmother's afghan ( a crocheting project)

Seven scarves of varying sizes and shapes
* Juno Regina, scarf size
* crest of the wave scarf
* Clapotis
* Montego Bay Scarf
* Baktus
* Wisp
* Karius

Two types of fingerless gloves
* Fingerless Gloves
* Broadstreet Mittens

One sweater
* Greenjeans

Five hats, with / without extensions
* Turn a Square hats, 2
* Little cousin balaclavas, 2
* Thorpe

Four tubes, leg warmers and neckwarmers
* Neckwarmers, 2: another Dolores Park and 1Morningside
* Simple leg warmers

One bag
* Hemp Market Bag

One creature
* Norbert the Somewhat Inaccurate Dinosaur

Four dishcloths as gifts

(I haven't finished linking back to each of the projects, but I may just carry on later.)

Half a year in, and this is the first pair of socks ?!?

Done. Socks for a second aunt who very gracefully asked if I might have time Some Time to knit her a pair of socks.

Not a problem.

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Multi - Blue Jeans
Size 2

03 June 2009

A Delayed Montego Bay Posting

Montego Bay scarf is Amy Singer's pattern, published in Interweave Knits.

Handmaiden Sea Silk was a gift from adriennec.

I really enjoyed this knitting experience. Good yarn.

Braided fringe is far too time consuming. I know, the knitting takes longer, but then the knitting is much more enjoyable.

Blocking is a lovely thing.

I'm giving this as a gift to a recent grad who does a lot of costume work. She about drooled on the knitting when she saw the work in progress. Purple is one of her signature colors. She'll be tickled.

This is not re-gifting. This is gifting it forward.