01 October 2008

Cotton-Fleece-Instead-of-Hemp Market Bag

December gift done.
Cotton Fleece - Caribbean Sea, or some such color name
1.5 skeins
As prescribed.
Hemp Market Bag from Bag Style
Details, such as they are:
The gauge was naturally a bit larger than the yarn the pattern originally called for. Still kept on with the needle sizes and stitch count, as it is, after all, a bag. The body of the bag has fewer than the 20 esprit lace repeats, as I'd reached the measurement needed, and I didn't want it to be completely gargantuan.
Photo particulars:
Don't know why I decided I had to fold the bag in half lengthwise, but I did.

Might be birthday, might be holiday gift, but it is most certainly done.


Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I like the strap, too.

Luly said...

I've been trying to make the Market bag. Operative word here "trying"!
I've ripped it out several times now. And though I've checked the stitches and counted the rows each time, I still come up short at the end of row 4.
Is there a type error on this pattern in the book???
Has anyone else had difficulties with it???
I'm using cotton because the hemp was annoying to work with and undo. I'd still like to make it out of hemp. But I thought cotton would be easier to knit while I learn the pattern.

I'm stumped! Any suggestions? Help appreciated.