16 July 2010

Way, way, way behind on my summer to summer tally

I post late, but the count is valid. Memorial Day to Memorial Day, pics linked as available:

Hats, 9 of them
Socks, one pair
Mittens, 2 pair
Neckwarmers, one and an ambiguous scarf/neckwarmer
Two shawls, if small
Scarves, 6 of them for gifts

And of course:
Dishcloths, 2

Kept one hat and the scarf/neckwarmer, as the yarn was a gift.
All the rest were gifts and, as such, moved on.
This is not bad.
In fact, this being the case, I'd almost wish the list were longer.

10 July 2010

Gone fishing. Walking. Camping.

Two months? Really? I guess I really have been focusing.

The first month was just survival: head down, move forward. The second month included work on two massive projects for work, trying to maintain healthy schedules, getting in some family time, cleaning - and a whole lot more sleep, more walking, and even some actual cooking at home. This was part of the plan.

I liked June. July promises to be more of the same. I can deal with that.

Going to knitting camp, the alternate, plain old camping knitting camp.
I thought I'd make marshmallows for s'mores, but it may be too hot and humid for that.

Plan B, then. I'm not going to fret. That's not on my July plan.