20 September 2008

It's something.

I don't really have a whole lot of time for anything right now. I'm not enjoying that. Makes me feel like a lousy manager of my time, when the truth is really that there are just too many things I have to do. I am overloaded.

I went home last night "early" - which meant I left before 7:30. This gave me the chance to stop at a few stores - sympathy card store and wine & martini store, to be precise. Because the truth of the matter is, that I have to try to do a few things that make me feel human, regardless of the overload. I need to have sympathy cards on hand so I can get them sent OUT when the occasions arise, and sadly they do. (Nothing close to home in this story - families of colleagues.) I need to have a moment in a weekend when I can sit down and relax with a little glass of something, turn on some music, and do one little thing. Read, maybe. Or knit. Even though I really didn't get home until what would be pretty late to be considered "home early," I did still have a little glass and a little knitting.

I worked a little more on this Hemp Market Bag (the name of the pattern) in Cotton Fleece.

Tomorrow I will work a little bit on the finger bits of this first mitt.

Meanwhile, this was my break in a working Saturday. Had a morning meeting to sing through a musical. There's another production tonight. I have a few hours to get a few things done. Since I left ALL of my reading glasses at home, including the LEAVE THESE AT THE DESK pair I wore home the other day, I am going to go out in search of a pair of reading glasses before I develop a big headache.

This was one break. Walking to go glasses shopping will be another.

It's something, anyway.

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