11 September 2008

A Good Sweater Day

Today is lovely, sunny, and a little cool - a perfect sweater day. Good day to catch a picture of the finished Greenjeans, done in Malabrigo yarn - Velvet Grapes the colorway.

I realized this morning that I didn't want to keep this sweater tucked away for when I'd lose enough weight for a good fit. So I devised a plan. Had colleague try on the sweater for a photo. Knew it was a good color for her. Asked if she was allergic to wool. She admired the sweater. I noted that it was actually a decent fit for her. Put it on to demonstrate my fit problem. Asked her if she would like it.

I gave away the sweater. She was delighted. Really.
She already ran in a couple hours later to say she's wearing it already.

I'll knit the pattern again, though maybe not instantly.
And I'll size it better for who I am today.

I think that's a pretty good sweater day!


Elizabeth said...

I'm happy to find a good home for a sweater that doesn't quite work for me. Then I'm free to knit something new for myself.

Marcy said...

That was kind and leaves your wardrobe open for more sweaters. And what a lucky colleague!
The sweater is lovely.

Batty said...

You're a wonderful, generous person. What a way to make somebody's day happy -- unexpected sweater gift!