31 May 2006

One of these things is not like the other

One finished, two not.
One Hedera, two Jaywalker.
One without heel and gusset, two with.

AND BESIDES which, I give you a view so far of the fraternal dyelot skeins.

When a yarn company includes the statement "Due to the unique process....color variations may occur within dyelots." - they're not just making idle noise.

Curious, no? I can't believe I ONLY examined the labels for a match. I should have examined the yarn a bit more carefully. I could have seen this difference if I'd been paying attention. I blame the haste of that particular shopping trip.

Then again, a sock lesson isn't the worst lesson. Reminders all round about alternating skeins in other garments, hm?


Chris said...

They're still lovely. :)

jpknits said...

Thanks! I don't usually remain with my ankles pinned together and still for too long anyway. It'll will be hard to catch the differences between socks in motion.