30 May 2006

Nothing ventured, nothing gained?

I tried to carve out some me time this weekend. There was graduation, after all, so that sucks up a fair bit of time and energy.

"Me time" seemed to become time for the unabashedly boring tasks of laundry, laundry folding, laundry putting away, cleaning of cat paraphenalia, vacuuming, pitching the science projects in the veg/fruit crispers, etc. Spring hasn't afforded much spare time for making screen window adjustments. The weekend's heatwave meant a quick catch-up there, and the payoff was great. Suddenly there was breeze and fresh air everywhere.

I did at least go for an errand walk of an hour and a half on Monday morning. I left right after I heard the NPR morning host utter some quip questioning any listener's choice to be up that early on a holiday Monday.

No new knitting ventures. I continued to work on the Hedera, and I switched needle sizes on a swatch I was pondering.

There were a few modest, gains, though. I found, in the depths of a couch and a chair, two pens, eleven cents, and a size 8 knitting needle. And I found a table surface that had been a sacrificial catchall for the past few months. I'm happy the sewing machine can now come out to play. Time for some summer skirts, I'm thinking.


Chris said...

Oh, I so need to do some decluttering... Glad you had gains there, however modest. :)

Bliss said...

Heh... I heard that comment on Morning Edition too. Of course, in my case, I was up that early because I was getting ready for bed! (No, I'm not a party animal, just a night shift worker.)

I'm enjoying your blog!