27 May 2006

Oh Yes. Socks.

Hedera is past the heel turn and onto the gusset.
Enjoyable knit. Enjoyable yarn.

The Jaywalker trudges along. Discovered (or discovered, forgot, discovered again, and remembered) that two skeins of Wildfoote in the same colorway and dye lot are definitely fraternal skeins. The overall brightness of colors and specifically the little sparkle of green between dye sections are missing from the second skein. I'm now extra glad that I used the end of the first skein for the top of the second sock. It will help me get over the fact that the rest of the sock will look a lot different.

Then again, who knows what will happen to the colors after a wash...

Wasn't I going to go home? Good thing the camera is not here. Otherwise I'd have duped myself into staying accidentally longer.
I'm going home.
Socks, shelves, or something Saturday-like.

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Chris said...

Bummer about the Wildfoote...