17 May 2006


Seems to me that the last two years I launched into some serious knitting in May, just about at graduation. I hauled a significant project into graduation rehearsal each year. I get a fair bit of knitting time in before I have responsibilities which take enough time for OTHER PEOPLE to get a fair bit of knitting in.

Seems to me that last May I took a count of what I'd finished from one May to the next. Beats me where I recorded that. It's not on the blog.

However. Seems to me it's just about time for another count.

Last May I was knitting Cambio at graduation. Sidetracked. Should finish this summer.

Beyond that:

2 sweaters, start to finish
Finished up Bach 111 socks
6 additional pairs of socks, start to finish
1 niece poncho
2 hats
3 scarves just for me
one dishcloth (while I was on the late spring cotton path)
oh yes, t-shirt "chainmail"
and a single stuffed glove.


Can't wait to see what the next year will produce!

(ETA: I found the list in the knitting journal. Took out two dishclothes and the string bag from this list, as evidently I'd finished them before the great memorial day count last year. My sock count may be suspect, too. Not quite sure.)

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