22 May 2006


It's not the wool. Funny, though, three people yesterday asked me if knitted socks would be itchy. They were surprised that the yarn was soft.

Nope, I'm itchy to start some bigger projects. I can't believe I have so little on the needles. (I've totally discounted anything that's in a box, as I expect to frog or treat it as swatch.) Must say that while it's nice to work on little sock projects and get them done, they're not exactly making great strides through the stash.

And much as I hate it, I shouldn't even be working on the socks. Grading. MUST. GRADE. GAH.

No wonder I'm itchy to start something big. Now THAT would bring some REAL avoidance.

Oh well. Back to the grindstone. Gradestone. Millstone.

Meanwhile, what do I have that I would like to use next? And what should it be, I wonder????

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