02 June 2006

Little Victories

June brings normalcy to my sleep patterns. I go to bed at decent hours and sleep well, getting up in the mornings to do the simple homefront things that many other people do all the time. Thursday morning I enjoyed a few minor little victories on the homefront.

Put together the oats & sour milk starter for a small batch of scones for Saturday or Monday.

Made blueberry pancakes with the last of the milk and the last of last season's frozen blueberries. No food photo here. Pancakes weren't up to food-stylist standards, but they were up to eating standards. I ate a portion and cooked up the rest for the fridge, taking a cue from a friend who cooks up all the pancakes, even if they're not all eaten at the moment. Leftover pancakes aren't always that desirable, but as my mother said, leftover pancake batter REALLY isn't that desirable.

I was out of coffee filters, but I found the cotton filter. I don't use it much in my current residence. It takes forever to dry and shake out all the grounds, and this kitchen has no sink disposal for rinsing away the last bits. However, during the summer I'll use it. I started drinking more tea last summer, and I don't need to make coffee everyday, so the filter will have a couple days to dry out. I make a full pot when I do and chill the rest for iced coffee.

Dishes were washed, and I tended to some little bits of mending. Actually got this button back on within the correct cycle. (Worn, button came off, laundered, button's back on.)

While I was at it, I learned a bit more about this camera's exposure and capturing black textiles.

I had such a good morning, I stayed away from work all day. Even better.

And no, I won't lose my job. Technically, I'm on a partial year contract.
Career-soul, though, not clock-puncher, I'm working a bit every week.
Be assured, though, I'm taking a lot of time off.

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Chris said...

Your summer days sound wonderful. Mine go the other way - the light keeps me up too late and gets me up to early...