04 November 2010


I finished my homework yesterday. Work portfolio.

Big stuff, Maynard.


I slept for 12 hours last night. Too many almost-allnighters lately.

I now get to do all the two hundred and eleventy-five things I've pushed to the back burner.

What a relief. Tackled a bunch of things today with gusto, I was so relieved to be doing anything BUT what I'd been doing.

I may now get to knit. I made the hair appointment.

I may even stop writing inane un-posts. (Who's kidding whom?)

Seriously. I may even have a glass of wine this weekend. AND KNIT KNIT KNIT!

Cryptic note to Julia: New email? Old? Guess I ought to try it out. Lovely article in the late spring newspaper, though I only just read it now. Thinking of you both in Idaho!

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Batty said...

It's surprising how difficult allnighters (or even almost-allnighters) get after the age of 20-something, isn't it? I tried one at 31, and even those few years seemed to make a huge difference. Took me almost 3 days to bounce back.

Have fun with the knitting and hair! You totally deserve a break.