05 March 2010

Pictures aren't everything.

Here's the complex look of a SWATCH in a very busy colorway.

Here's the point where I describe the picture that wasn't taken of the cuff I frogged:

Pink column next to a mustard column next to a navy column....

You get the picture.

I stayed up late obsessing. Frogged, switched needles, and am now getting a spiral stripe.

Picture of me tired, and too stupid to have gone to bed when I've had a cold this week? Not worth the bandwidth on which it would be posted.


NANCY said...

Crazy colors, J. How ya been? I'm a ripe candidate for SABLE but won't join just yet. I AM on a yarn diet this year, though. Knitting from stash and buying none. So far so good!!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

me too, the cold, that is. It's that laryngitis time of the season.

Batty said...

No cold, but enough work/homework to make me... not so bright. Sometimes, it's better to call in sick and not have to rework.

julia1060 said...

Ah, but it looka so spicy, chica! well done, knitty!