15 February 2010


This has been a snowy winter season, no question.
I've been absent here for a bit, but I've been taking care.
Took note of a rarity: the neglect of an asparagus fern yielded some fruit.

There have been a few more, interestingly enough.

Took care to focus on some simple things over the holiday season.

There was loss this winter - in my community at work and in my family. January involved a lot of work with my cousin as she packed up her mother's place. Also worked with my colleague's friends as they packed up her belongings. We helped dispatch a bunch of stuff (library donations and other things) in one day. It's been interesting for me to note how my family's processes have been very healing, sad to observe that the circle of close friends who mourn the loss of my colleague were still in a very raw state. Very difficult.

As for me, I've been trying to deal with some things simply. Just trying to get things done, things put away. I have added things from my aunt's home into mine, so I'm trying to move OUT some things at the same time. My work zone has been the recipient of a lot of donation.

Very little knitting. A neck warmer not worth a photo session, some mittens,

a gift that's in stealth mode still, and a no-thinking scarf underway.

Today there's more snow in the forecast. But it's just a little.
It's winter, and it will pass.


Fujiyamamama said...

I'm so sorry for your losses Janice. ((((hugs))))

Marcy said...

Winter can be a time for raw emotions. I think the surprise fruit as a sign of new life and spring is a nice touch. Loss doesn't get easier, but it becomes easier to see the big picture.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

This touches me. You have my sympathy for your sad times.