17 December 2010

Done is good

This got done.

Exams are done.

I'm wearing this without buttons. Done enough.


Marcy said...

I love that gray!

Nancy Reed said...

Hi from the frozen farther north! How have you been? Latest finished wrappy is so pretty - grey is so distinguished, no?

I'm at the end of a year of my yarn diet - haven't bought an inch of yarn since December 2009!! And you'd never even know the difference in my stash. Sigh.

New baby (same daddy, CJ, different girl - and still not even together any more. One date, I think. Baby (girl? boy?) due any day. Haven't seen Lilly (almost 2 now) for over a year - she and CJ in legal battles over visitation. Ugly....

Hope you are well!! Love, Nancy

Elizabeth said...


Batty said...

Beautiful! And done is, indeed, excellent.