22 July 2007

Useful knitting

Some of the staples of useful stash knitting:
The ubiquitous dishcloth. My cousin actually ASKED for some for her birthday. I'm on the second, as I try to get ready to get out of town.

And of course, a cat bed, knit - when? must have been nearly a year ago - from Mme. Wendy's pattern.

Glad Mr. Jones is using this. He's going to have a lonesome week, barring visits from the cat sitter.

21 July 2007

It's not all false starts around here

Some things are finished.

This quilt has been nearly done for ages. Had someone volunteer to help me get the binding on. I made sure she was paid. I am perfectly capable of binding, but I'll tell you the poor quilt sat in a bag inside of a box for a few years as I "meant to finish it."

The poor thing suffered from "out of sight out of mind" neglect.
Fortunately, that was all that it suffered. It should land shortly. It has been shipped to the recipient.

The battery was dying, so these photos which should have been adjusted for fluorescence are what they are. Most of the fabrics are batiks or kindred. The quilt was a mystery quilt project in which I bent most of the rules in the steps.

That'll be it until August. I'm going out of town for a bit.

Different yarn and different pattern?

Other people work up to such things. I swatched enough of the basic Tuscany Shawl pattern that I thought I'd be okay. I didn't count on what the edging is looking like. I think it would be a happier edge in a yarn with some spring - at least a bit of bounceback.

Rats. I wanted to have this decided for traveling knitting. I don't have enough time in the next couple of days to try other options. May stick to socks.

Meanwhile, what would be a better pattern for this yarn: Conjoined Creations Pastimes?

19 July 2007

Good Knitties, Bad Knitty

I'd be the Bad Knitty. Haven't posted pictures of packages. There will be catching up, some today, and some in a few weeks. (I'll be out of town for awhile.)

Somerset: The Tea arrived and is LOVELY. Oh my goodness. You were overly generous. Thank you kindly.

And all the way from CASP and the knitty formerly known as OLPP, a host of treasures: I did post the thank you, but never did the photo. Sadly, catching up isn't glamorous.

Doing the little things

Sometimes the best thing you can do for a friend is to sit. Or to listen. Or to chatter. Or to share a dessert.

It's been an important part of my summer to be able to do some of these little things with a friend who is tackling breast cancer. I've also knit up a hasty chemo cap from COLOR mercerized cotton.

Used Red Lipstick's pattern for Marsan Watchcap to do the lovely crown.

10 July 2007

Breakfast of Twin Peaks Champions

Holiday ritual: I make a cherry pie and share the eating AND often the baking with my aunt. She's the family's pastry guru. This year my mother was around for the fun, too. The weather and the pate brisee were not on good speaking terms. My lattice was horrifically fake, but the pastry in the end? Buttery good.

Afterwards, we all cracked open the cookbooks to decide what pastry strategies I should work on next. Julia and Martha do share detailed baking information, after all. My mother reminded me (as she has before) that the way to really master pie crust is to do it regularly.

They insisted I take a piece home for the next day's breakfast.

Still, I don't think I need to be eating pie EVERY day. I'll just have to live with the skills of a sporadic pie baker.

Argosy Copycat

I was very taken by the Argosy Wrap, led to the pattern by Mason-Dixon reading and links to the pattern's creator. It captured my attention and was a nice bit of selfish knitting in between bursts of knitting the niece bags. (Those are still awaiting the girls' return from camp.)

The yarn is Noro Silk Garden, which was also for me a rare copycat indulgence. I didn't particularly enjoy the crunchy bits of "ooh, look, proof of natural fibre...." but I moved past them. Interestingly, I do believe it is another sign that I surely do not knit with loose tension. I purchased 8 as recommended, and I have one full and one partial skein left. However, I like it as is.

I'm happy. I'll wear it. I don't even have an interest in blocking it at the moment.

Hello, Skirt!

This is all the glamour I need from this skirt. I have a nice self-fabric casing and I took care to edgestitch. I have a lightweight, bring-on-the-heat casual summer skirt.

The skirt's only as frumpy as I let it be. I'll wear it.
The dress? It languished for a couple summers.

03 July 2007

Say Goodbye to the Dress

I really liked this dress. Purchased the fabric at a quilt shop set up in a chicken coop. I bought the fabric for this very purpose, and I made it and wore it during the season in which I bought it. No stash story here!

I was even tickled by the way the very utilitarian and old brown buttons looked with it.

The neckline was very expansive, and with the length of the dress, very casual country summery 90's.

I was asked if I was expecting the last time I wore it. I cried a lot.
Having since come to terms with mid-age change (even though I hope to continue my healthy summer habits), I must redo. It looks good on the dress form, but she has no belly.

I talked about this last summer. I've now moved it to the more active to-do list. Next stop? Skirt.

Berry Picking

Purchased the cotton for this blouse for what, $1.00 a yard last spring.

The fabric reminded me of my grandmother's blouse, the one I wore often to go out berry picking in the summer. The buttons are very plain, somewhat old.

I'm happy. Much better than a t-shirt, for my tastes at the moment.