10 July 2007

Argosy Copycat

I was very taken by the Argosy Wrap, led to the pattern by Mason-Dixon reading and links to the pattern's creator. It captured my attention and was a nice bit of selfish knitting in between bursts of knitting the niece bags. (Those are still awaiting the girls' return from camp.)

The yarn is Noro Silk Garden, which was also for me a rare copycat indulgence. I didn't particularly enjoy the crunchy bits of "ooh, look, proof of natural fibre...." but I moved past them. Interestingly, I do believe it is another sign that I surely do not knit with loose tension. I purchased 8 as recommended, and I have one full and one partial skein left. However, I like it as is.

I'm happy. I'll wear it. I don't even have an interest in blocking it at the moment.

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