31 May 2006

One of these things is not like the other

One finished, two not.
One Hedera, two Jaywalker.
One without heel and gusset, two with.

AND BESIDES which, I give you a view so far of the fraternal dyelot skeins.

When a yarn company includes the statement "Due to the unique process....color variations may occur within dyelots." - they're not just making idle noise.

Curious, no? I can't believe I ONLY examined the labels for a match. I should have examined the yarn a bit more carefully. I could have seen this difference if I'd been paying attention. I blame the haste of that particular shopping trip.

Then again, a sock lesson isn't the worst lesson. Reminders all round about alternating skeins in other garments, hm?

30 May 2006

Nothing ventured, nothing gained?

I tried to carve out some me time this weekend. There was graduation, after all, so that sucks up a fair bit of time and energy.

"Me time" seemed to become time for the unabashedly boring tasks of laundry, laundry folding, laundry putting away, cleaning of cat paraphenalia, vacuuming, pitching the science projects in the veg/fruit crispers, etc. Spring hasn't afforded much spare time for making screen window adjustments. The weekend's heatwave meant a quick catch-up there, and the payoff was great. Suddenly there was breeze and fresh air everywhere.

I did at least go for an errand walk of an hour and a half on Monday morning. I left right after I heard the NPR morning host utter some quip questioning any listener's choice to be up that early on a holiday Monday.

No new knitting ventures. I continued to work on the Hedera, and I switched needle sizes on a swatch I was pondering.

There were a few modest, gains, though. I found, in the depths of a couch and a chair, two pens, eleven cents, and a size 8 knitting needle. And I found a table surface that had been a sacrificial catchall for the past few months. I'm happy the sewing machine can now come out to play. Time for some summer skirts, I'm thinking.

27 May 2006

Oh Yes. Socks.

Hedera is past the heel turn and onto the gusset.
Enjoyable knit. Enjoyable yarn.

The Jaywalker trudges along. Discovered (or discovered, forgot, discovered again, and remembered) that two skeins of Wildfoote in the same colorway and dye lot are definitely fraternal skeins. The overall brightness of colors and specifically the little sparkle of green between dye sections are missing from the second skein. I'm now extra glad that I used the end of the first skein for the top of the second sock. It will help me get over the fact that the rest of the sock will look a lot different.

Then again, who knows what will happen to the colors after a wash...

Wasn't I going to go home? Good thing the camera is not here. Otherwise I'd have duped myself into staying accidentally longer.
I'm going home.
Socks, shelves, or something Saturday-like.

Off the Shelves

I gathered up books to drop off at the library (overdue by a day), a couple of which were knitting books which I will check out again. Still, I don't know that I need to own them. Thinking about the one. The other was a fun read, but I'll hold off the shopping.

I've never listed en-blog my knitting library.
A knitter's catablogue? (Sorry.)

Thought I'd start with the books which are currently off the shelves, as I'd been looking at them.
Vogue Knitting Stitchionary
The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques, Nancie M. Wiseman
Knitting Vintage Socks, Nancy Bush

I'll add titles as whim suits me.

Perhaps the listing will get me to identify for myself which books might have a better life with someone else. Until then, though, I'll keep them.

If I'm inclined I might make some kind of link in the sidebar. I'd have to figure that out, and right now I'd rather go home and knit - or go home and take another book off the shelves for a nice Saturday afternoon read.

22 May 2006


It's not the wool. Funny, though, three people yesterday asked me if knitted socks would be itchy. They were surprised that the yarn was soft.

Nope, I'm itchy to start some bigger projects. I can't believe I have so little on the needles. (I've totally discounted anything that's in a box, as I expect to frog or treat it as swatch.) Must say that while it's nice to work on little sock projects and get them done, they're not exactly making great strides through the stash.

And much as I hate it, I shouldn't even be working on the socks. Grading. MUST. GRADE. GAH.

No wonder I'm itchy to start something big. Now THAT would bring some REAL avoidance.

Oh well. Back to the grindstone. Gradestone. Millstone.

Meanwhile, what do I have that I would like to use next? And what should it be, I wonder????


As a change of pace from Jaywalker knitting, I leapt into Hedera, with some Regia Plus Cotton which I had purchased at Borealis between Christmas and the New Year. The marl includes a bright blue and a light blue, so it has a denimy look to it. Of course, I forgot to change the exposure.

Fortunately, the close-ups worked a bit better for white balance.

Speaking of change, I was only half paying attention to chatter about Callard & Bowser. Are they a done deal, or will they just be consumed by a larger corporate entity? My tacky little container for needle protectors and stitch markers has seen better days.

No, I did not have an ink catastrophe in my knitting bag. That happened when this was a sewing kit carted around in a backpack. No need to worry!

PS. The sock has changed since the photo. I have zipped through about 10 repeats. Change of pace is a change of pace.


Elizabeth at SABLE quite rightly applauded her achievements at getting the exposure just so for capturing dark wools. I thought I should take a nudge.

I got past the heel on the jaywalker last week and tried to take photos on a grey morning. Changed the exposure in one direction, and caught a better sense of the colors. Still not the best.

I knew the label was unreadable, so I changed exposure.

This was all well and good, but the yarn itself? Bah.

Meanwhile I've finished this sock. It's snug going past the heel, I must say. I went for the larger size, and this after trying the smaller and recognizing that it would never go. Bah, again, I say. Nevertheless I have started the second sock.

I don't know if it's the yarn's slightly thinner nature, the size ones, or the pattern itself, but oh, it's a slow knit. I'm not that enchanted. Bah, I say, and again bah. Thank goodness the yarn is pretty.

18 May 2006

Of Needles, Old and Off

I was working on a little swatch project on these lovely old aluminums. There's a bend in one, but the older needles with the ruler on them do amuse me.

And actually, it's now off the needles.

17 May 2006


Seems to me that the last two years I launched into some serious knitting in May, just about at graduation. I hauled a significant project into graduation rehearsal each year. I get a fair bit of knitting time in before I have responsibilities which take enough time for OTHER PEOPLE to get a fair bit of knitting in.

Seems to me that last May I took a count of what I'd finished from one May to the next. Beats me where I recorded that. It's not on the blog.

However. Seems to me it's just about time for another count.

Last May I was knitting Cambio at graduation. Sidetracked. Should finish this summer.

Beyond that:

2 sweaters, start to finish
Finished up Bach 111 socks
6 additional pairs of socks, start to finish
1 niece poncho
2 hats
3 scarves just for me
one dishcloth (while I was on the late spring cotton path)
oh yes, t-shirt "chainmail"
and a single stuffed glove.


Can't wait to see what the next year will produce!

(ETA: I found the list in the knitting journal. Took out two dishclothes and the string bag from this list, as evidently I'd finished them before the great memorial day count last year. My sock count may be suspect, too. Not quite sure.)

Soy Socks

Two balls of Knit One Crochet Two WICK = one pair of socks, toe up.

I'm content. I'm wearing them.

11 May 2006

Alice's Rabbit

I'm late, I'm late, no time to say hello, goodbye, I'm late I'm late I'm late ...
I finished a Wick sock, even though I can only allow myself an inch of knitting at a time, it seems. I've turned the heel of the Burnt Sugar Jaywalker.
Why am I still here? It's tomorrow. I'm supposed to go home the same day I left.....