16 June 2007


I've not been very posty this spring. This year. I've been productive, though.

I've also been unplugged for stretches at a time. That's not bad, though.

Finished a pair of socks. Tackled some sewing repair. Did some cleaning at home. Worked on archiving some old sewing patterns. (Archiving gets them into a system where I can access them and use them.) Have been working on knitting a messenger bag for a niece - the second of a set. Tackled The Monkey Sock, and realized I'd sent myself down an unfortunate road. Took it apart - took pictures, and will share the adventure. I'll be redoing - a really enjoyable knit, my 4th start notwithstanding. (I'll explain, I will.)

Had a spare moment at a computer, so I thought I'd step up, post, leave a picture conveniently uploaded to photobucket on a previous occasion, and be a better blog ring member.

Excuse me, though. Won't be gone as long as before, but it is time to unplug again!

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