26 June 2007

Restraint or Heat?

It is with a measure of respectable restraint that I find I am not making much knitting progress on projects already suffering on the needles. Similarly, I have managed to pretend to cast on for the Monkey socks, but it's a no-go. I really can't permit myself to do much except for stitching together the pieces of the messenger bags.

I've stiched up the length of each bag's strap, matching cast-off to bind-off in 200 precise little stitches, - 200 per strap, one strap per bag.

Stitching on the overlay takes a little less precision, though I'm a bit obsessed about getting the stitches along the edges of the overlay to run along a precise column of stitches. One is about half done, and the other awaits attention.

Maybe it's the heat. Who can think enough to start something afresh?
So I'll sew.

I may have cheated in other ways. It's true. I've also sewn most of a blouse.

I like sewing cotton in the summer. It takes me back to my teen years, sewing madly a wardrobe of blouses for 2.00 apiece or less. I don't even mind standing at the ironing board. Maybe I'll go home and cut out a skirt.

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