19 June 2007

Counting, as of May 2007

Last May I posted a Summer to Summer tally of the knitting I'd done that year. It's surprisingly full of small projects. Must have been due to the increase in commuting via public transportation. (Good reminder. It's summer. Need to increase that habit again.)

I've been running the list in the sidebar, and it's time for a little housekeeping.

May 2007:
Steel Penny sweater
HBCute Kimono (okay, I have to finish a seam, but it's done, really.)

hats, 7
black purl baby hat & matching booties

another pair of booties
Hedera socks
Fuzzy Feet, 4 pr
Aunt socks
Lorna socks, 2
Bearfoot Rib & Cable sock - first sock done but too small. Must redo.

gift scarves, 2
Kitty Pi, 2.5 (lost a half-finished one)
fingerless mitts, 2 pr
washcloths, 5

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