28 June 2006

Meanwhile, Amidst the Towering Textiles . . .

There has been sewing and knitting and not much blogging or photography. I'll be taking the camera home for a few days. We'll see what is documentable.

Tonight's a night for finishing. I've finished knitting the second jaywalker, but I need to graft the toe. I still haven't woven in the ends of Steel Penny, the combo-sweater, nor have I blocked it. I have two pairs of twill trousers that are long overdue for a machine hem. Yes, I've worn them trailing on the ground, rolled up at the waist, or temporarily safety pinned. Before the condition of the hem worsens, I must prove myself capable of taking care of my wardrobe. Hem, I say. And when I was about to wash and put away my peace fleece sweater, I found a few ends I'd neglected to weave in.

I had needed to get some things tackled and cleared before I had surface space for drying sweaters. And of course, once I had all that space, I really needed to sew. I have finished sewing a pair of pants that I started last summer. I made myself a summer skirt, all marbley polka dots. I even knit up a couple dish cloths, I did, while I did some traveling amongst the family. (Another reason why there are no photos. I'm a great one for NOT taking cameras on roadtrips.) Started two sweaters, but I'm having a debate, naturally, about one of them. Don't want to frog if I'm not sure.

Sounds like a good night for some finishing. Maybe I'll finish up the last of the wheatberry chili I pulled from the freezer. No cooking, just me and the needles.

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